CP Daily: Friday June 24, 2016

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UK votes to exit EU: Updates, implications and reactions

A slim majority of UK voters have backed a ‘Brexit’, exit polls show, throwing the country’s climate policy and its future in the EU ETS into jeopardy.

UK MEP Ian Duncan offers resignation as EU ETS reforms co-ordinator

UK MEP Ian Duncan on Friday tendered his resignation as rapporteur in charge of steering post-2020 EU ETS reforms through the European Parliament in the light of the British vote to leave the EU.

WCI Roundup: Low demand in 2016 auctions equals more future cash for Cali. -analysts

California’s government could generate more revenues in the long run under its cap-and-trade scheme if demand remains low during the final two auctions of 2016, analysts said Friday, countering critics’ claims that unsold allowances show the market is broken.

NA Markets: RGGI prices surge on calls for tighter cap

Carbon prices in the US RGGI market have climbed by almost a third over the past three weeks amid growing calls for a tighter emissions cap from 2021.

Shanghai to suspend trade in Phase 1 allowances from July 1

Shanghai ETS participants will no longer be able to trade Phase 1 allowances after July 1 and must convert them into Phase 2 units under a controlled time schedule, the municipal government announced Friday.

CN Markets: Pilot market data for week ending June 24, 2016

Closing prices, ranges and volumes for China’s regional pilot carbon markets this week.

Voluntary market data from CTX for June 24, 2016

A table of Verified Emission Reduction (VER) prices and offered volumes, based on voluntary market data provided by Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX).


GOP blocks Pentagon climate plan – House Republicans passed an amendment blocking the US Department of Defense from financing its climate change and national security plan. The amendment passed 216-205, with not a single Democrat voting in favour. The Department and other national security experts have warned that climate change is a national security threat, but Republicans who voted against funding the Pentagon’s climate plan said it was a distraction from other threats.  (Politico)

Figueres to punt for UN top job – Outgoing UN climate chief Christiana Figueres plans to announce her candidacy to be the next UN secretary-general, E&E reports, citing multiple anonymous sources. Ban’s term ends in December, and although Figueres lacks national security experience she intends to join the 11 candidates openly vying for the role on July 7.

And finally… A new breed of carbon scammer? – Calgary homeowners are being targeted by a possible door-to-door scam related to Alberta’s looming carbon tax, CBC reports.  Two men are reportedly knocking on doors and offering “energy audits” to see if homeowners qualify for lower carbon tax rates.  But once inside, the men spent more time scoping out the home than looking at the furnace.

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