EU nations consider calling for global coal phaseout, US plans spring climate summit

Published 19:50 on January 22, 2021  /  Last updated at 20:37 on January 22, 2021  /  EMEA, EU ETS, International  /  No Comments

EU foreign ministers could next week back Denmark's call for the creation of a global alliance to phase out coal-fired power and fossil fuel subsidies, diplomats told Carbon Pulse on Friday, while the US gets set to announce a climate leaders' summit in April. Read More

COVID-19 emissions impacts to RGGI, WCI programmes to linger -analysts

Published 21:48 on January 22, 2021  /  Last updated at 21:48 on January 22, 2021  /  Americas, Canada, US  /  No Comments

The coronavirus pandemic will continue to limit WCI cap-and-trade emissions throughout 2021, while the Northeast US RGGI scheme could see prior GHG trends return by mid-year, analysts said Friday. Read More

Energy Community releases carbon pricing roadmap for EU’s eastern neighbours

Published 17:46 on January 22, 2021  /  Last updated at 17:56 on January 22, 2021  /  Carbon Taxes, CBAM, EMEA, EU ETS  /  No Comments

The Energy Community (EnC) has released a roadmap for how the EU’s Western Balkans and Eastern neighbours can implement carbon pricing schemes, with the intergovernmental organisation flagging the potential for market integration and an eventual link with the EU ETS. Read More

EU Market: EUAs make late recovery for 8% weekly gain as auction restart looms

Published 19:18 on January 22, 2021  /  Last updated at 21:55 on January 22, 2021  /  EMEA, EU ETS  /  No Comments

EUAs inched higher above €34 on Friday as gas prices again provided a boost, with traders questioning whether more gains are possible ahead of next week's resumption of daily auctions. Read More

US Carbon Pricing and LCFS Roundup for week ending Jan. 22, 2021

Published 22:14 on January 22, 2021  /  Last updated at 22:14 on January 22, 2021  /  Americas, Carbon Taxes, RINs & LCFS, US  /  No Comments

A summary of legislative and regulatory action on carbon pricing, clean fuel standards, and clean energy at the US subnational and federal level this week, including developments in New Mexico, Washington, and Montana. Read More

Australian Market Roundup: Regulator issues 1.2 mln ACCUs, revokes four projects

Published 10:55 on January 22, 2021  /  Last updated at 10:55 on January 22, 2021  /  Asia Pacific, Australia  /  No Comments

Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator has issued almost 1.2 million new carbon credits, it said in a new year update Friday that showed four more non-performing projects have been revoked. Read More

Canada narrows down federal offset protocols for priority development

Published 22:53 on January 21, 2021  /  Last updated at 10:55 on January 22, 2021  /  Americas, Canada, Voluntary Market  /  No Comments

The Canadian environment ministry on Wednesday halved the number of protocols that it will initially focus on developing for the federal carbon offset system, though it may consider additional methodologies at later stages. Read More

NA Markets: RGGI prices continue bearish trend, as CCAs inch up despite Q1 auction pessimism

Published 22:43 on January 21, 2021  /  Last updated at 22:43 on January 21, 2021  /  Americas, Canada, US  /  No Comments

RGGI Allowance (RGA) prices reversed nearly all of their year-to-date gains over the previous week amid a speculation-fuelled sell off, while California Carbon Allowance (CCA) values rose slightly on the secondary market. Read More

Ukraine plans to introduce national carbon market in 2025 -minister

Published 12:03 on January 21, 2021  /  Last updated at 00:39 on January 22, 2021  /  EMEA, EU ETS  /  No Comments

Ukraine this week confirmed plans to introduce its own emissions trading scheme in 2025, as the nation continues work to align national legislation with EU regulations. Read More

EU may want earlier ETS cap reset to smooth allowance price path -analysts

Published 17:58 on January 21, 2021  /  Last updated at 00:19 on January 22, 2021  /  EMEA, EU ETS  /  No Comments

EU lawmakers may favour re-setting the cap of the bloc’s carbon market two years earlier than officials have proposed because the move will result in a smoother upward trajectory for EUA prices, analysts said Thursday. Read More