Hundreds of investors pressure G20 on climate targets, carbon pricing

Published 09:17 on June 26, 2019  /  Last updated at 09:17 on June 26, 2019  /  Americas, Asia Pacific, China, Climate Talks, EMEA, International, Japan  /  No Comments

Nearly 500 investors managing $34 trillion worth of capital are urging G20 nations to strengthen their Paris Agreement targets, and put in place policies to achieve those goals, including meaningful prices on carbon emissions and targets for phasing out fossil fuel subsidies. Read More

UPDATE - Oregon Democrats shy of votes needed to pass ETS bill, Senate President says

Published 20:22 on June 25, 2019  /  Last updated at 22:00 on June 25, 2019  /  Americas, Canada, US  /  No Comments

Oregon Democrats do not have the votes to pass the cap-and-trade bill at the centre of a Republican walkout, the Senate President said Tuesday. Read More

New UN Article 6 text emerges to raise hopes of emission trade deal this year

Published 17:53 on June 25, 2019  /  Last updated at 10:48 on June 26, 2019  /  Climate Talks, International, Kyoto Mechanisms, New Market Mechanisms, REDD, Voluntary Market  /  No Comments

The UN produced a new draft text on rules covering international emissions trade on Tuesday, after governments broke a deadlock that some observers said raises the prospects for a deal later this year on the Paris Agreement’s divisive Article 6. Read More

Restrictive offset language could stunt Oregon forestry projects, developers say

Published 22:37 on June 25, 2019  /  Last updated at 22:37 on June 25, 2019  /  Americas, Canada, US  /  No Comments

Language inserted into Oregon’s WCI-modelled cap-and-trade proposal could make it difficult for in-state forestry offset projects to get off the ground, numerous developers told Carbon Pulse. Read More

EU Market: Cancelled auction tempers mood after EUAs hit 6-week high

Published 17:52 on June 25, 2019  /  Last updated at 17:56 on June 25, 2019  /  EMEA, EU ETS  /  No Comments

EU carbon ended little changed on Tuesday as the first cancelled auction in 10 months tempered bullish sentiment after prices hit a six-week high. Read More

Australian minister warns states on “inappropriate” climate targets

Published 09:30 on June 25, 2019  /  Last updated at 09:30 on June 25, 2019  /  Asia Pacific, Australia  /  No Comments

Australian Energy Minister Angus Taylor has warned state governments about setting more ambitious emission reductions than the federal Coalition, arguing this would be inappropriate and likely to push up power prices. Read More

NZ Market: NZUs rebound as buyers see good value

Published 09:13 on June 25, 2019  /  Last updated at 09:13 on June 25, 2019  /  Asia Pacific, New Zealand  /  No Comments

New Zealand carbon allowances climbed back up to NZ$23 ($15.28) as some buyers stepped in to take advantage of what they considered attractive levels. Read More

EU Allowance auction cancelled due to low interest

Published 10:11 on June 25, 2019  /  Last updated at 10:23 on June 25, 2019  /  EMEA, EU ETS  /  No Comments

Tuesday's EU Common Auction Platform (CAP) auction was cancelled because the clearing price was significantly below the secondary market, sale host EEX said. Read More

New speculators' holdings remain unchanged amid WCI price declines, govt data shows

Published 22:53 on June 24, 2019  /  Last updated at 22:53 on June 24, 2019  /  Americas, Canada, US  /  No Comments

New speculators trimmed some length off their California Carbon Allowance (CCA) holdings over the past week, but the group’s large position remained relatively unchanged despite significant price decreases in the WCI cap-and-trade market, according to US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) data. Read More

LCFS Market: California prices approaching $200 mark

Published 22:41 on June 24, 2019  /  Last updated at 22:45 on June 24, 2019  /  Americas, RINs & LCFS, US  /  No Comments

California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) prices have continued their steady increase over the month of June as compliance buying has persisted, but some participants have questioned how much further the bull run will last. Read More

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