Published 23:00 on April 15, 2024  /  Last updated at 01:07 on April 16, 2024  /  Contributed Content, EMEA, EU ETS, Other Content

Stefan Feuchtinger, Head of Market Research and Analysis at Vertis Environmental Finance (VEF), answers all the questions you’ve ever wanted to ask about the upcoming EU ETS2.

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COMMENT: The elephants in the room of the EU’s 2040 climate plan

Published 12:05 on March 6, 2024  /  Last updated at 12:05 on March 6, 2024  /  Contributed Content, EMEA, EU ETS, Other Content

The EU’s 2040 climate action proposal is the start of a dialogue with all stakeholders that will bring controversial and inconvenient topics to the table – topics usually called the “elephants in the room.” In hopes of getting these talks going on the right foot, Veyt’s Hege Fjellheim identifies some of these elephants.

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REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: Carbon Project Development Services – Blue Carbon

Published 14:03 on March 5, 2024  /  Last updated at 14:03 on March 5, 2024  /  Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific, Contributed Content, EMEA, International, Middle East, Nature-based, Other APAC, Other Content, Paris Article 6, South & Central, Voluntary

Blue Carbon’s primary aim is to develop “Mitigation Outcomes” that are transferable as ITMOs through the mechanisms provided by Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. This includes both an Article 6.2 and 6.4 approach, as deemed appropriate. Having signed several exploratory MOUs and agreements with countries particularly across Africa, Blue Carbon is seeking PDD development services that will support project development.

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ECOSYSTEM MARKETPLACE – Shades of REDD+: Two clashing visions for Article 6

Published 23:12 on February 14, 2024  /  Last updated at 23:12 on February 14, 2024  /  Americas, Asia Pacific, Climate Talks, Contributed Content, EMEA, International, Other Content, Paris Article 6, US

To get bridge controversies around Article 6 it may be worth to take a step back and evaluate the different expectations for an effective role of carbon markets that nourish the clashing positions. Is the priority controlling all aspects of the implementation of Article 6 or to enable countries to define the rules that enable large-scale investments into mitigation?

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COMMENT: Six key questions the carbon market needs to resolve to deliver for nature – one year on

Published 15:12 on January 30, 2024  /  Last updated at 15:12 on January 30, 2024  /  Climate Talks, Contributed Content, International, Nature-based, Other Content, Paris Article 6, Voluntary

Twelve months ago, Respira’s Ed Hewitt posed six questions for the carbon market to resolve so it could deliver more for nature. How did these matters progress in 2023? And what’s the outlook for 2024 and beyond? Hewitt revisits the questions he asked and gives a status update for each.

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COMMENT: No climate justice without carbon credits

Published 00:13 on January 25, 2024  /  Last updated at 00:43 on January 25, 2024  /  Americas, Contributed Content, Nature-based, Other Content, US, Voluntary

Climate Action Reserve President Craig Ebert provides a response to what he calls “the misguided focus on low-quality credits and the elusive supply chain mitigation”.

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COMMENT: Out with the bad, in with the good carbon market

Published 16:19 on January 22, 2024  /  Last updated at 16:32 on January 22, 2024  /  Contributed Content, Nature-based, Other Content, Voluntary

The voluntary carbon market faced strong headwinds in 2023 – a reckoning due to carbon credit quality problems. The silver lining that could arrive in 2024: A market correction that can support a new VCM 2.0, rebuilding a market that is good for the planet and for people, writes Donna Lee of Calyx Global.

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ECOSYSTEM MARKETPLACE – REDD can be high quality: Here’s how

Published 20:46 on January 2, 2024  /  Last updated at 20:46 on January 2, 2024  /  Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific, Contributed Content, EMEA, International, Nature-based, Other APAC, Other Content, South & Central, Voluntary

Experts discuss the challenges and potential reforms in using REDD as a credible option for offsetting emissions, emphasising the need for high-integrity credits and improved methodologies to ensure environmental and social integrity while addressing criticisms and safeguarding Indigenous Peoples and local communities.

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COMMENT: Update of the EU ETS free allocation – polluting for free during a climate crisis

Published 10:42 on December 22, 2023  /  Last updated at 11:58 on December 23, 2023  /  Contributed Content, EMEA, EU ETS, Other Content

The proposed revision of EU ETS free allocations fails to deliver social and environmental change, write Lidia Tamellini of Carbon Market Watch and Aymeric Amand of Sandbag.

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COMMENT: The Voluntary Carbon Market is Reawakening – Let’s Make 2024 A Year of Action

Published 23:45 on December 19, 2023  /  Last updated at 01:50 on December 20, 2023  /  Climate Talks, Contributed Content, International, Nature-based, Other Content, Voluntary

This year, the American Forest Foundation attended its second Conference of Parties, COP28, held in Dubai. While many things came out of COP28, and perhaps even more hoped-for things did NOT come out of COP28, one incredibly important outcome concerned the voluntary carbon market’s role in the global struggle against climate change. 

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