VCM Report: Voluntary carbon buyers sitting on sidelines despite high levels of credit retirements

Published 17:24 on March 4, 2024  /  Last updated at 17:24 on March 4, 2024  / Paddy Gourlay /  Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific, Australia, Aviation/CORSIA, Canada, EMEA, International, Japan, Mexico, Middle East, Nature-based, New Zealand, Paris Article 6, South & Central, South Korea, Switzerland, US, Voluntary

Prices failed to budge, liquidity was thin last week, and there was a mix of opinion about the direction of the voluntary carbon market, with sources reporting a flood of new offers posted while others noted the cupboard was starting to run bare of good quality.

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Carbon markets key enabler in funding switch to regenerative agriculture, says investor

Published 16:52 on March 4, 2024  /  Last updated at 16:52 on March 4, 2024  / Bryony Collins /  Africa, EMEA, International, Nature-based, Voluntary

Carbon finance can be key in supporting farmers transition to regenerative agriculture, according to an investor working at the intersection of climate change and social impact.

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French asset manager plans major investments in nature restoration, backs biodiversity certificates initiative

Published 16:02 on March 4, 2024  /  Last updated at 16:02 on March 4, 2024  / Giada Ferraglioni /  Biodiversity, EMEA, International, Nature-based, Voluntary

A large private investment house is seeking to scale up investments in nature restoration projects as part of a broader strategy to become a major player in the burgeoning biodiversity market, a company executive said.

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Economists pitch CBAM update focused only on carbon leakage

Published 15:02 on March 4, 2024  /  Last updated at 15:02 on March 4, 2024  / Carbon Pulse /  Carbon Taxes, CBAM, EMEA, International

A group of economists has put forward ideas to revise the EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), arguing the law could be simplified by focusing only on preventing ‘carbon leakage’ across the entire economy rather than addressing specific sectors for which carbon emissions data may be hard to come by.

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KraneShares to liquidate, terminate voluntary carbon market ETF

Published 14:35 on March 4, 2024  /  Last updated at 14:35 on March 4, 2024  / Roy Manuell /  Americas, Asia Pacific, EMEA, International, Nature-based, US, Voluntary

Asset manager KraneShares will liquidate and terminate its flagship voluntary carbon market exchange-traded fund (ETF), according to a notice posted on Monday.

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Mix of CCS, nuclear, geothermal, and wind power needed to decarbonise Poland -analysis

Published 14:05 on March 4, 2024  /  Last updated at 14:05 on March 4, 2024  / Rebecca Gualandi /  EMEA, EU ETS, International

The EU’s third-biggest carbon emitter, Poland, will need to almost double the amount of wind capacity it is currently installing annually, as well as use CCS, nuclear, and geothermal energy in order to reach net zero emissions by 2050, according to new research.

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FEATURE: EU’s carbon market diplomacy task force shrouded in mystery

Published 12:58 on March 4, 2024  /  Last updated at 12:58 on March 4, 2024  / Frédéric Simon /  Carbon Taxes, CBAM, EMEA, International

When the European Commission presented its recommendations for a 2040 climate target last month, it also raised expectations – and a few eyebrows – by announcing the creation of a dedicated task force on “carbon market diplomacy”.

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Freshwater wetland restoration helps create carbon sinks, but far too slowly for our purposes, study finds

Published 11:03 on March 4, 2024  /  Last updated at 11:03 on March 4, 2024  / Chia-Erh Kuo /  International, Nature-based, Voluntary

Freshwater wetland restoration can turn degraded wetlands from net carbon sources into carbon sinks, though it takes far too long for Paris Agreement purposes, meaning climate projects should prioritise conserving existing ones, a study has found.

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Zimbabwe expects voluntary carbon trading to take off this year as project applications flood in -media

Published 10:50 on March 4, 2024  /  Last updated at 10:50 on March 4, 2024  / Nikita Pandey /  Africa, EMEA, International, Nature-based, Voluntary

Zimbabwe’s government plans to launch a regulatory framework for the trading of voluntary carbon credits in the next year, hoping to generate around $400 million in annual revenues as project investments accelerate, a senior government official told local media.

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Global land affected by water flow deviations nearly doubled from pre-industrial times, study finds

Published 10:10 on March 4, 2024  /  Last updated at 10:10 on March 4, 2024  / Sergio Colombo /  Biodiversity, International

Human activity in the past century has dramatically altered freshwater flows, jeopardising their capacity to regulate vital ecological and climatic processes, a study has found.

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