Over 130 businesses call for stronger nature policy before COP16

Published 10:00 on July 16, 2024  /  Last updated at 13:00 on July 15, 2024  / Thomas Cox /  Biodiversity, International

Some 132 businesses and financial institutions with combined annual revenues of $1.1 trillion have called for the governments of the world to strengthen their nature policies in the build-up to biodiversity conference COP16.

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Investors have simpler ways of making money than biodiversity, research suggests

Published 06:45 on July 16, 2024  /  Last updated at 06:45 on July 16, 2024  / Thomas Cox /  Biodiversity, EMEA, International

Some investors find making money through biodiversity too complicated compared to more traditional means, a pre-print paper has suggested.

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NGO map shows oil project’s threats to biodiversity-rich park in Uganda

Published 12:46 on July 15, 2024  /  Last updated at 12:46 on July 15, 2024  / Giada Ferraglioni /  Africa, Biodiversity, EMEA

An oil project in the Murchison Falls National Park (MFNP) in Uganda will have a devasting impact on biodiversity, with a number of grave consequences for wildlife and local communities already ongoing, a study has found.

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HP partners with nature tech startup to advance mangrove restoration in Indonesia

Published 12:26 on July 15, 2024  /  Last updated at 12:26 on July 15, 2024  / Sergio Colombo /  Asia Pacific, Biodiversity, Other APAC

US technology company HP has teamed up with a Switzerland-based nature tech startup on an initiative aimed at advancing coastal ecosystem restoration efforts in Indonesia.

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FEATURE: The big opportunity of insetting for biodiversity markets

Published 11:20 on July 15, 2024  /  Last updated at 14:45 on July 15, 2024  / Thomas Cox /  Biodiversity, International

Many actors in biodiversity see the largest opportunity for biodiversity markets in ‘insetting’, a way of directly supporting nature in their supply chains while potentially generating biodiversity credits, as an alternative to offsetting.

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Colombian organisation kickstarts water credit pilot, eyes biodiversity market

Published 15:46 on July 12, 2024  /  Last updated at 01:16 on July 13, 2024  / Giada Ferraglioni /  Americas, Biodiversity, South & Central

A Colombian non-profit has launched a water crediting pilot programme in a 20,000-hectare area of a river basin in its country, while preparing a separate biodiversity credit pilot.

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Renewable energy giant to research UK solar biodiversity impacts

Published 13:48 on July 12, 2024  /  Last updated at 13:48 on July 12, 2024  / Sergio Colombo /  Biodiversity, EMEA

The UK renewables arm of energy giant Electricite de France (EDF) has announced a project aimed at advancing research on the effects solar farms can have on biodiversity, including how they could generate benefits for nature.

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Biodiversity Pulse: Thursday July 11, 2024

Published 16:40 on July 11, 2024  /  Last updated at 16:40 on July 11, 2024  / Carbon Pulse /  Biodiversity, Newsletters

A twice-weekly summary of our biodiversity news plus bite-sized updates from around the world. All articles in this edition are free to read (no subscription required).

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Brazilian cosmetics company issues R$1.3 bln Amazon sustainability-linked bond

Published 16:08 on July 11, 2024  /  Last updated at 16:08 on July 11, 2024  / Sergio Colombo /  Americas, Biodiversity, South & Central

A Brazilian cosmetics company has raised R$1.3 billion ($245 million) with a ‘first-of-its-kind’ sustainability-linked bond (SLB) tied to targets on biodiversity conservation and sustainable sourcing in the Amazon region.

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Blended finance fund raises $50 mln to protect Egypt’s coral reef

Published 14:46 on July 11, 2024  /  Last updated at 14:47 on July 11, 2024  / Giada Ferraglioni /  Biodiversity, EMEA

A $50-million fund to protect Egypt’s coral reef has been launched this week under the Egyptian Red Sea Initiative, a newly established programme supported by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the UN-backed Global Fund for Coral Reefs (GFCR).

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