Stripe launches fellowship programme to support ideas to boost carbon removal demand

Published 05:54 on May 25, 2024  /  Last updated at 14:05 on May 25, 2024  /  Americas, Asia Pacific, EMEA, Nature-based, Voluntary

Online payments firm Stripe is launching a fellowship programme aimed at accelerating global demand for carbon removals.

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UK, European saltmarshes store less carbon than previously thought, researchers find

Published 01:33 on May 25, 2024  /  Last updated at 01:33 on May 25, 2024  /  EMEA, Nature-based, Voluntary

The carbon sequestration capabilities of saltmarshes in the UK and northwest Europe may have been significantly overestimated compared to global averages, according to new research.

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BC, Kwiakah First Nation establish new forest conservation zone supported by carbon credit sales

Published 00:38 on May 25, 2024  /  Last updated at 00:38 on May 25, 2024  /  Americas, Canada, Nature-based, Voluntary

The province of British Columbia and the Kwiakah First Nation on Friday announced the creation of the Macinuxw Special Forest Management Area, a new conservation and regenerative forestry zone within the southern Great Bear Rainforest.

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ANALYSIS: Voluntary carbon investors shift credit buying behaviour, but demand rebound still a way away

Published 16:18 on May 24, 2024  /  Last updated at 16:18 on May 24, 2024  / Roy Manuell /  Americas, Asia Pacific, EMEA, Nature-based, Voluntary

Voluntary carbon market (VCM) participants expect a substantial demand return, but this could still be years away, with stakeholders at an industry event this week highlighting that investors in the market are now looking more closely at project origination and becoming increasingly selective about the activities they finance.

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ANALYSIS: Investment in nature-based, engineered carbon removals should not be zero sum, say stakeholders

Published 16:06 on May 24, 2024  /  Last updated at 16:13 on May 24, 2024  / Alejandra Padin-Dujon /  Americas, EMEA, International, Nature-based, UK ETS, US, Voluntary

Voluntary carbon market (VCM) buyers and developers largely remain committed to investing in both nature-based and engineered carbon removals (CDR), according to a range of experts speaking at the Carbon Unbound conference in New York this week.

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Verra consults on proposed changes to voluntary carbon reforestation methodology VM0047

Published 12:26 on May 24, 2024  /  Last updated at 12:26 on May 24, 2024  / Paddy Gourlay /  Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific, EMEA, Nature-based, Voluntary

Verra has launched a public consultation on a voluntary carbon methodology for afforestation, reforestation and revegetation, as well as a tweak to a second related programme for the project activity, it announced this week.

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Equatic unveils ISO-certified MRV methodology for ocean-based carbon removals

Published 04:49 on May 24, 2024  /  Last updated at 04:49 on May 24, 2024  /  Asia Pacific, EMEA, Nature-based, Other APAC, US, Voluntary

Equatic, in partnership with EcoEngineers and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), has launched a new MRV methodology for electrolytic ocean-based CO2 removals.

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European oil firm inks $90-mln jurisdictional REDD+ deal with Ghana

Published 04:30 on May 24, 2024  /  Last updated at 04:30 on May 24, 2024  /  Americas, EMEA, International, Nature-based, Voluntary

A European oil firm has agreed to spend around $90 million to purchase as many as 10 million carbon credits from nature-based carbon projects in Ghana as part of a jurisdictional REDD+ deal.

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INTERVIEW: Puro CEO sees strong but bounded role for carbon removals in compliance markets

Published 19:20 on May 23, 2024  /  Last updated at 19:28 on May 23, 2024  / Alejandra Padin-Dujon /  Americas, Asia Pacific, EMEA, EU ETS, International, Nature-based, Paris Article 6, South & Central, UK ETS, Voluntary

Carbon removals (CDR) could contribute meaningfully to compliance carbon pricing systems but they should be limited to a certain percentage of total emissions permits and may be subdivided by durability, CEO Antti Vihavainen told Carbon Pulse.

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Petrobras presses on with support for nature-based voluntary carbon projects

Published 15:35 on May 23, 2024  /  Last updated at 15:35 on May 23, 2024  / Bryony Collins /  Americas, Nature-based, South & Central, Voluntary

Nature-based voluntary carbon projects, such as reforestation in the Amazon, are cost-effective and critical for the planet with known and manageable risks, with Petrobras now developing its credit strategy focused on the sector, an executive of a Brazilian oil company told a conference Thursday.

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