CARBON FORWARD 2019 – Stick or twist: investors came to the EU ETS, but will they go?

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**THIS IS A FREE ARTICLE** – The 4th annual Carbon Forward conference & training day features a dedicated stream focused on the EU carbon market from an investor perspective.

The 4th annual Carbon Forward conference & training day features a dedicated stream focused on the EU carbon market from an investor perspective.

An increasing number of investors rode the wave of the five-fold increase in EU carbon prices within two years, which formed in anticipation of the market-tightening effects of reforms such as the Market Stability Reserve (MSR) that started in January.

Prices rallied again by some 25% over June and July to hit a 13-year high of €29.95, close to their all-time peak just above €30.

But carbon’s upward path has not been smooth, with prices slipping back below €27 this week amid the mounting risk of a no-deal Brexit, falling gas prices and declining coal use, and the general macroeconomic concerns sweeping across Europe and the wider world.

With such volatility, will EU carbon remain an attractive asset class for the coming years?

“Carbon is a long-term play, there’s no going back to the old way of doing things … The tide is changing and there is a far greater understanding of the need to take firm action for the climate,” said Tobias Munk, a senior options trader at Swiss-headquartered commodity merchant Ezpada.

Join Tobias and other expert speakers including:

  • Per Lekander of hedge fund Lansdowne Partners – which bought millions of EUAs in 2017 when prices were below €5
  • Clive Lambert of technical analyst firm FuturesTechs, whose daily report is widely regarded as the ‘industry standard’ in the UK and European energy space.

They will offer critical insights on:

  • Technical analysis was straightforward in 2018, but what’s the story in 2019 and what does it foretell about the future?
  • What does the options market tell us about how investors are approaching the EU ETS?
  • Trader insight – how do longer-term investors view the market differently from a dedicated carbon trader and what influence does this have on price action?
  • Investor strategies – with prices hitting longer-term targets earlier than predicted, what does an existing investor do now and how might new players get involved?

Join Carbon Forward 2019 to learn all about this and much more.

  • When?  16-18 October 2019
  • Where?  London’s Royal Garden Hotel

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