EU Market: EUAs close above €17 for new 7-year high and 6% weekly gain

Published 18:58 on July 20, 2018  /  Last updated at 21:51 on July 20, 2018  /  EMEA, EU ETS  /  No Comments

EU carbon prices extended their seven-year high on Friday to end above €17 for a 6.3% weekly rise, as tighter auction supply nears and despite a weaker energy complex. Read More

UK court blocks path to full trial of citizen effort to deepen GHG goal

Published 16:51 on July 20, 2018  /  Last updated at 22:13 on July 20, 2018  /  EMEA  /  No Comments

The UK High Court on Friday blocked the path to a full hearing for a charity group seeking to deepen the country’s 2050 emission reduction goals, in one of the world’s first legal tests of the Paris Agreement. Read More

Canada should favour carbon price over clean fuel standard -report

Published 15:49 on July 20, 2018  /  Last updated at 16:52 on July 20, 2018  /  Americas, Canada, US  /  No Comments

Adopting a federal clean fuel standard (CFS) is a costlier and less effective way for Canada to reduce GHGs than an economy-wide carbon price, according to a new study published on Thursday. Read More

Philippines government looking into introducing a carbon tax

Published 16:07 on July 20, 2018  /  Last updated at 17:00 on July 20, 2018  /  Asia Pacific, Carbon Taxes, Other APAC  /  No Comments

The Philippines government is looking at whether to introduce a carbon tax in the country, holding an “exploratory” workshop on the subject this week. Read More

Record batch of Colombian CERs cancelled by emitters against country's carbon tax

Published 23:06 on July 20, 2018  /  Last updated at 23:06 on July 20, 2018  /  Americas, Carbon Taxes, International, Kyoto Mechanisms, REDD, South & Central, US, Voluntary Market  /  No Comments

A record batch of Colombian CERs were voluntarily cancelled this week for use by local emitters against the country’s carbon tax. Read More

Australia’s weak NEG target to push up power prices -report

Published 10:28 on July 20, 2018  /  Last updated at 17:03 on July 20, 2018  /  Asia Pacific, Australia  /  No Comments

Australia’s main argument to stick to a modest emissions target under the proposed National Energy Guarantee (NEG) is to avoid electricity price hikes, but wholesale power prices could be 25% cheaper by 2030 with a more ambitious goal, analysts said on Friday. Read More

NZ Market: Price ceiling in sight as NZUs keep pushing higher

Published 10:40 on July 20, 2018  /  Last updated at 17:05 on July 20, 2018  /  Asia Pacific, New Zealand  /  No Comments

New Zealand emissions permits extended record high levels again on Friday, with some market participants questioning whether the rally might take prices up to the NZ$25 de-facto price ceiling or even beyond. Read More

Czechia cleared to issue first batch of 2018 free derogation EUAs to utilities

Published 20:05 on July 20, 2018  /  Last updated at 22:07 on July 20, 2018  /  EMEA, EU ETS  /  No Comments

Czechia has once again been the first country to receive the annual greenlight from the European Commission to hand free EUAs to its utilities. Read More

BHP Billiton coal mine earns 239k carbon credits

Published 10:35 on July 20, 2018  /  Last updated at 17:07 on July 20, 2018  /  Asia Pacific, Australia  /  No Comments

A subsidiary of Australian mining major BHP Billiton this week received nearly 240,000 carbon credits for capturing and combusting methane emissions from one of its coal mines in New South Wales. Read More

CP Daily: Friday July 20, 2018

Published 00:10 on July 21, 2018  /  Last updated at 00:10 on July 21, 2018  /  Newsletter  /  No Comments

A daily summary of our news plus bite-sized updates from around the world. Read More

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