China lays out 2030 energy cap, vows to meet CO2 target

Published 11:27 on April 25, 2017  /  Last updated at 11:27 on April 25, 2017  /  China, China's National ETS  /  No Comments

China’s energy consumption will increase by 20% over the 2020s, but major efforts to slash the share of fossil fuels means the nation will still meet its emissions obligations under the Paris Agreement, the government said Tuesday. Read More

Carbon pricing of $50/t needed next decade, says report backed by big emitters

Published 15:05 on April 25, 2017  /  Last updated at 17:21 on April 25, 2017  /  Americas, Asia Pacific, Climate Talks, EMEA, International  /  No Comments

Explicit carbon pricing rising to around $50/t next decade and $100/t in the 2030s is needed among other policies to ensure global emissions are cut in line with Paris Agreement goals, according to a report backed by several energy companies, investors and non-profit organisations. Read More

EU Market: EUAs extend 2017 low as compliance buying winds up

Published 19:55 on April 25, 2017  /  Last updated at 19:55 on April 25, 2017  /  EMEA, EU ETS  /  No Comments

EU carbon prices ducked below €4.50 on Tuesday to extend last week’s 2017 low as traders anticipate more weakness amid limited scope for further 2016 compliance buying. Read More

EU Market: EUAs inch away from 2017 low as France election lifts mood

Published 18:38 on April 24, 2017  /  Last updated at 18:38 on April 24, 2017  /  EMEA, EU ETS  /  No Comments

EU carbon prices crept slightly higher on Monday, putting a little distance from the year-low reached in the previous session as a market-friendly France election and a strong auction briefly lifted bearish sentiment. Read More

Economists Stiglitz, Stern to stress importance of credibility in carbon pricing

Published 02:14 on April 24, 2017  /  Last updated at 04:49 on April 24, 2017  /  Americas, Asia Pacific, Climate Talks, EMEA, International, Voluntary Market  /  No Comments

Renowned economists Joseph Stiglitz and Nicholas Stern are to stress in a key document next month the importance of governments worldwide achieving credibility in setting the higher carbon prices needed to meet the Paris Agreement. Read More

Lead EU lawmaker Duncan to stand in UK elections, potentially clashing with ETS trilogue talks

Published 02:11 on April 24, 2017  /  Last updated at 04:42 on April 24, 2017  /  EMEA, EU ETS  /  No Comments

UK MEP Ian Duncan will run in the June 8 UK general election, a campaign that could clash with his role as lead negotiator for the EU Parliament in finalising the post-2020 ETS reform bill. Read More

Native forests offer offset option for New Zealand emitters -report

Published 08:59 on April 24, 2017  /  Last updated at 08:59 on April 24, 2017  /  Asia Pacific, New Zealand  /  No Comments

Regenerating or planting new native forest can offer a cost-effective option for New Zealand emitters to meet their CO2 targets in future as domestic and international carbon prices are set to increase, a report has found. Read More

Mexico’s carbon market plans picking up pace, targeting WCI link by 2021

Published 00:13 on April 22, 2017  /  Last updated at 00:21 on April 22, 2017  /  Americas, Aviation, Canada, Carbon Taxes, Mexico, US  /  No Comments

Mexico will launch its pilot carbon market in early 2018, with an aim to kick off its official ETS later that year and to link to other North American schemes by 2021. Read More

EU industries urge lawmakers to be prepared to lower ETS auction share

Published 20:25 on April 21, 2017  /  Last updated at 01:25 on April 22, 2017  /  EMEA, EU ETS  /  No Comments

A large swathe of EU ETS-regulated heavy industries on Friday urged lawmakers to favour post-2020 reforms that will keep them topped up with enough free allowances, letting their cleanest performers avoid additional carbon costs. Read More

Concerns mounting for North America's voluntary offset industry over accreditation costs

Published 03:08 on April 22, 2017  /  Last updated at 03:08 on April 22, 2017  /  Americas, US, Voluntary Market  /  No Comments

North American accredited offset verifiers are weighing whether to continue participating in the voluntary market amid falling credit prices and tempting conditions in the compliance market. Read More

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