Carbon Pulse

Analysts up EUA forecasts as speculators still seen hungry to buy

Published 17:13 on August 20, 2018  /  Last updated at 17:13 on August 20, 2018  /  EMEA, EU ETS  /  No Comments

EU carbon allowances are expected to continue to climb for the rest of the year as speculators keep buying in anticipation of further increases and utilities lend support, analysts said, following several weeks of strong price gains that have already pushed prices to their highest for a decade. Read More

EU Market: EUAs advance to new decade-high as observers project further gains

Published 19:05 on August 20, 2018  /  Last updated at 22:17 on August 20, 2018  /  EMEA, EU ETS  /  No Comments

European carbon prices advanced nearly 2% on Monday to extend further their 10-year high above €18.50 as observers continued to predict additional rises. Read More

Trump to reveal significantly weakened US Clean Power Plan -reports

Published 17:53 on August 20, 2018  /  Last updated at 17:59 on August 20, 2018  /  Americas, US  /  No Comments

The Trump administration is expected to unveil its replacement draft for the US EPA’s Clean Power Plan (CPP) on Tuesday, a proposal that would reportedly result in far fewer GHG reductions than the previous Obama-era iteration and limit the scope of eligible emissions reduction activities. Read More

Australia drops emissions target from National Energy Guarantee

Published 03:28 on August 20, 2018  /  Last updated at 14:44 on August 20, 2018  /  Asia Pacific, Australia  /  No Comments

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Monday said his government will not try to legislate an emissions target for the electricity sector under the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) as opposition from a handful of MPs from his own party meant the policy would likely not make it through parliament. Read More

NEG U-turn leaves Australian energy industry, investors reeling

Published 10:24 on August 20, 2018  /  Last updated at 13:57 on August 20, 2018  /  Asia Pacific, Australia  /  No Comments

Australia’s decision Monday to drop the emissions target in the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) has left the energy sector concerned that investment certainty might be further away than ever, and that the nation could put itself on track to face international repercussions for missing its Paris obligations. Read More

Calls emerge for New Zealand to raise carbon price ceiling immediately

Published 08:56 on August 20, 2018  /  Last updated at 08:56 on August 20, 2018  /  Asia Pacific, New Zealand  /  No Comments

Calls are emerging for the New Zealand government to raise the price ceiling for NZUs immediately to avoid emitters paying the NZ$25 fixed price for 2018 compliance instead of surrendering permits. Read More

CP Daily: Monday August 20, 2018

Published 22:24 on August 20, 2018  /  Last updated at 22:30 on August 20, 2018  /  Newsletter  /  No Comments

A daily summary of our news plus bite-sized updates from around the world. Read More

California LCFS Roundup: Prices scale new average highs in July while the ARB publishes latest rulemaking

Published 22:01 on August 17, 2018  /  Last updated at 22:21 on August 17, 2018  /  Americas, US  /  No Comments

Average prices in California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) in July gained almost 10% to extend the previous month's record high, while regulator ARB published the latest formal rulemaking documents on programme amendments this week. Read More

EU Market: EUAs climb back above €18 to stay close to 10-year high

Published 18:37 on August 17, 2018  /  Last updated at 19:53 on August 17, 2018  /  EMEA, EU ETS  /  No Comments

European carbon prices climbed back above €18 on Friday amid rising energy prices, lodging a 1.4% weekly gain and consolidating near the 10-year peak reached earlier in the week. Read More

Methane offsets are getting more lucrative, but still may not spark an investor rush

Published 09:50 on August 17, 2018  /  Last updated at 21:29 on August 17, 2018  /  Americas, Canada, International, US, Voluntary Market  /  No Comments

North American methane-cutting projects are becoming more lucrative as regulators and standards update their offset crediting calculations, but developers are still seeking alignment with other policies and considering whether more profitable incentives lie elsewhere. Read More

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