Voluntary carbon trade tumbles 25% as Paris Agreement clouds future role -report

Published 13:22 on May 25, 2017  /  Last updated at 14:59 on May 25, 2017  /  International, Voluntary Market  /  No Comments

Trading volume in the voluntary carbon market fell 25% last year and average prices dropped to a record low as companies stalled on offset strategies in the wake of a new global climate agreement that leaves their role in doubt. Read More

Global carbon pricing coalition turns focus to shipping

Published 15:48 on May 25, 2017  /  Last updated at 15:48 on May 25, 2017  /  Climate Talks, International, Shipping, Voluntary Market  /  No Comments

The World Bank-led Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition has launched a maritime programme aimed at helping shipping companies adopt internal carbon pricing, smoothing the path for a globally-applied mandatory measure. Read More

Green Climate Fund invites private sector pitches for $500 mln in climate finance

Published 10:13 on May 25, 2017  /  Last updated at 13:59 on May 25, 2017  /  Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific, International, Other APAC  /  No Comments

The Green Climate Fund has launched a request for project proposals worldwide from private sector firms to cut carbon emissions or improve climate resilience in developing countries, offering a total $500 million in co-funding. Read More

EU Market: EUAs match 1-mth high of €5.00 as auction pause begins

Published 20:38 on May 25, 2017  /  Last updated at 20:38 on May 25, 2017  /  EMEA, EU ETS  /  No Comments

European carbon prices lifted to test Monday’s one-month peak of €5.00 on Thursday in sparse holiday trade that signals the start of a rare three sessions without government auctions. Read More

NZ Market: NZUs fall to one-year low as national budget disappoints

Published 09:16 on May 25, 2017  /  Last updated at 13:09 on May 25, 2017  /  Asia Pacific, New Zealand  /  No Comments

New Zealand carbon allowances on Thursday retreated to their lowest levels since last June as the government’s annual budget failed to offer any clarity on expected changes to ETS regulations. Read More

CN Markets: Shenzhen ETS sees China’s biggest swap deal yet

Published 09:02 on May 25, 2017  /  Last updated at 13:31 on May 25, 2017  /  China, China's Offset Market, China's Pilot Markets  /  No Comments

Trading house China Carbon Career and a subsidiary of the Shenzhen Energy Group this week carried out the biggest swap of CO2 allowances and Chinese Certified Emission Reductions (CCERs) seen in the country so far. Read More

Latest WCI allowance auction sells out at premium to price floor

Published 20:07 on May 24, 2017  /  Last updated at 00:34 on May 25, 2017  /  Americas, Canada, US  /  No Comments

California and Quebec sold out all 75.3 million carbon allowances on offer in its latest current auction, at a settlement price well above the sale’s floor, restoring some confidence in the market after a spate of under-subscribed sales. Read More

California hands out record number of offsets in latest issuance

Published 21:09 on May 24, 2017  /  Last updated at 21:09 on May 24, 2017  /  Americas, Canada, US, Voluntary Market  /  No Comments

California has handed out more than 5 million offsets in its latest round of issuances, setting a new record and boosting existing supply by an estimated 13%. Read More

Canada’s northern territories could be exempted from federal carbon tax plan

Published 23:02 on May 24, 2017  /  Last updated at 23:02 on May 24, 2017  /  Americas, Canada, Carbon Taxes  /  No Comments

Canada’s frozen northern territories are not included in the federal government’s carbon pricing backstop plan for provinces and will be treated separately, a senior official with the environment and climate change ministry has confirmed. Read More

Hasty British exit from EU ETS could hit carbon prices -analysts

Published 11:52 on May 24, 2017  /  Last updated at 00:10 on May 25, 2017  /  EMEA, EU ETS  /  No Comments

EUA prices could slip by over €1 if the UK gives little warning of its ETS exit plans, with the bearish impact dampened by industry hoarding and increased buying from continental emitters, according to analysts. Read More

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