EU leaders agree 2050 net zero deal despite lone holdout Poland

Published 01:33 on December 13, 2019  /  Last updated at 09:30 on December 13, 2019  /  Climate Talks, EMEA, EU ETS, International  /  No Comments

EU leaders have failed to achieve consensus on targeting net zero emissions by 2050, declaring a deal had been reached but acknowledging that one member state was unable to commit to the goal at this point. Read More

EU Market: Brexit endgame in sight as traders brace for UK election impact

Published 22:25 on December 12, 2019  /  Last updated at 05:48 on December 13, 2019  /  EMEA, EU ETS  /  No Comments

EU carbon prices bounced back above €25 on Thursday, recovering all of the previous day's losses after hitting a six-day low this morning, as wider energy prices rebounded from their recent streak of declines and the market readied for the UK election results and their impact. Read More

EU delays 2020 start of Innovation Fund carbon allowance sales

Published 19:32 on December 12, 2019  /  Last updated at 04:03 on December 13, 2019  /  EMEA, EU ETS  /  No Comments

January’s start of carbon allowance sales for the EU’s Innovation Fund is being delayed due to “necessary practical arrangements” not yet being in place, auction host EEX announced late Thursday. Read More

Australia loosens CO2 caps for more Safeguard facilities

Published 22:17 on December 12, 2019  /  Last updated at 06:39 on December 13, 2019  /  Asia Pacific, Australia  /  No Comments

Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator on Thursday issued new baselines for several facilities covered by the Safeguard Mechanism, allowing most of them to increase their CO2 emissions, including three of those that were forced to buy carbon credits to meet their targets last year. Read More

COP25: Roundup for Thursday, Dec. 12

Published 18:41 on December 12, 2019  /  Last updated at 18:41 on December 12, 2019  /  Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific, Australia, Canada, China, Climate Talks, EMEA, International, Kyoto Mechanisms, Mexico, Middle East, New Market Mechanisms, REDD, South & Central, South Korea, Switzerland, US, Voluntary Market  /  No Comments

Negotiations on the rulebook with International emission trade plodded along in Madrid on Thursday, as slow progress on other elements of operationalising the Paris Agreement solicited fears the UN Climate Summit would once again run well into the weekend. Read More

COP25: Minnesota LCFS programme in early stages -official

Published 17:46 on December 12, 2019  /  Last updated at 17:46 on December 12, 2019  /  Americas, RINs & LCFS, US  /  No Comments

The US state of Minnesota is in the early stages of researching a low-carbon fuel standard (LCFS) to help reduce emissions from the transportation sector, a state official said Thursday at a UN COP25 side event. Read More

COP25: Australian businesses want CO2 market access, fear carbon tariffs

Published 17:14 on December 12, 2019  /  Last updated at 17:18 on December 12, 2019  /  Asia Pacific, Australia  /  No Comments

The vast majority of Australian businesses polled in a survey want access to international emissions markets, but worry about the risk of other nations slapping border carbon adjustments on Australian goods over the government’s lack of climate action. Read More

COP25: TCI states to unveil allowance cap, pricing levels next week

Published 17:20 on December 12, 2019  /  Last updated at 17:20 on December 12, 2019  /  Americas, US  /  No Comments

The Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) collaborative will release potential ETS cap levels and allowance price expectations as part of the draft Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will be published next week, a US state official said at the UN climate summit Thursday. Read More

New Jersey will discuss bills next week to formalise RGGI participation

Published 15:43 on December 12, 2019  /  Last updated at 16:13 on December 12, 2019  /  Americas, US  /  No Comments

The New Jersey legislature will discuss two proposals next week that would cement the state’s participation in the Northeast RGGI ETS, potentially putting safeguards in place if Republicans regain the governorship. Read More

CP Daily: Thursday December 12, 2019

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A daily summary of our news plus bite-sized updates from around the world. Read More