NZ lawmakers propose stern restraints on international carbon credit use

Published 09:55 on October 21, 2019  /  Last updated at 10:26 on October 21, 2019  /  Asia Pacific, International, Kyoto Mechanisms, New Market Mechanisms, New Zealand  /  No Comments

New Zealand should only be allowed to use international carbon units to meet its domestic emission target in special circumstances, the parliamentary Select Environment Committee said Monday in its revised Zero Carbon Bill, which also retained controversial GHG goals for the agriculture sector. Read More

CARBON FORWARD 2019: EU carbon prices set to droop after peaking early next decade -analysts

Published 16:38 on October 18, 2019  /  Last updated at 16:40 on October 18, 2019  /  EMEA, EU ETS  /  No Comments

Analysts expect EU carbon prices to climb sharply over the next few years but to then fall back as demand from industrial emitters eases as factories invest in cleaner production methods, a conference heard on Thursday. Read More

CARBON FORWARD 2019: UK will update Paris NDC early next year, wants EU to follow -minister

Published 22:53 on October 18, 2019  /  Last updated at 07:19 on October 19, 2019  /  Climate Talks, EMEA, EU ETS, International  /  No Comments

The UK will update its Paris Agreement pledge early next year and is seeking the EU to follow in step or slightly later in encouraging other nations to act, UK climate minister Ian Duncan said Friday. Read More

CARBON FORWARD 2019: Veteran options trader sees binary Dec. expiry for benchmark EUA futures

Published 20:44 on October 18, 2019  /  Last updated at 01:01 on October 19, 2019  /  EMEA, EU ETS  /  No Comments

Front-year EU carbon futures are likely to expire near €25 or €30 in mid-December, based on signals from the EUA options market, according to a veteran trader. Read More

FEATURE: Canadian carbon markets, climate policy hinging on next week's election

Published 02:26 on October 18, 2019  /  Last updated at 21:36 on October 18, 2019  /  Americas, Canada, Carbon Taxes, International, RINs & LCFS, US, Voluntary Market  /  No Comments

An erosion of Canadian voter support for the incumbent Liberals and poll-leading opposition Conservatives may open a range of minority government possibilities ahead of the national election on Monday, the outcome of which will have a significant impact on the country's federal and provincial climate policies and environmental markets. Read More

PG&E bondholders, wildfire victims submit $29 bln alternative bankruptcy proposal

Published 19:27 on October 18, 2019  /  Last updated at 19:27 on October 18, 2019  /  Americas, Canada, US  /  No Comments

Competitors' bankruptcy proposal for Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) would funnel nearly $29 billion through two stock offerings to help cover the embattled California utility’s wildfire liabilities, according to a filing by bondholders and fire victims on Thursday. Read More

EU Market: EUAs recede to notch 6% weekly rise, as British MPs set to vote on Brexit deal

Published 13:10 on October 18, 2019  /  Last updated at 20:08 on October 18, 2019  /  EMEA, EU ETS  /  No Comments

European carbon prices fell back on Friday on a weak auction result and amid pessimism that the Brexit deal agreed this week between Britain and the EU would pass UK parliament, with bearish implications for EUAs in most outcomes, traders said. Read More

Regulator data shows Australian near-term offset supply sufficient, but question marks ahead

Published 10:23 on October 18, 2019  /  Last updated at 10:23 on October 18, 2019  /  Asia Pacific, Australia  /  No Comments

With more than 5 million carbon credits sitting in the national offset registry, Australian developers are likely able to meet demand for the 2019-20 financial year, but the market could tighten considerably as issuance volume might shrink next year while government demand has yet to peak, Clean Energy Regulator data showed Friday. Read More

CN Markets: Pilot market data for week ending Oct. 18, 2019

Published 12:43 on October 18, 2019  /  Last updated at 12:43 on October 18, 2019  /  China, China's Pilot Markets  /  No Comments

Closing prices, ranges and volumes for China's regional pilot carbon markets this week. Read More

CARBON FORWARD 2019: EU carbon a “tricky” trade for now, but headed to €100 in two years -investor

Published 15:49 on October 17, 2019  /  Last updated at 01:44 on October 18, 2019  /  EMEA, EU ETS  /  No Comments

Trading in EU carbon has become “very tricky” this year compared to last due to Brexit and a reversal in short-term fundamentals, according to one of the market’s most prominent long-term bulls, who predicts prices will top €100 early next decade. Read More

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