RGGI auction surprises traders with yet another above-market result

Published 15:53 on March 15, 2019  /  Last updated at 20:24 on March 15, 2019  /  Americas, US  /  No Comments

The northeast US RGGI cap-and-trade programme’s first auction of 2019 cleared above the secondary market price, results showed Friday, falling well outside of market participants’ expectations prior to the sale. Read More

May WCI auction supply dips nearly 18% as California unsold volume ends

Published 22:33 on March 15, 2019  /  Last updated at 22:36 on March 15, 2019  /  Americas, Canada, US  /  No Comments

California and Quebec will auction more than 75 million current and future vintage allowances at its May 14 sale, which will not include any California unsold permits for the first time in nearly two years. Read More

Implementation of Ontario emissions performance standard still mired in uncertainty   

Published 21:57 on March 15, 2019  /  Last updated at 22:16 on March 15, 2019  /  Americas, Canada, Carbon Taxes  /  No Comments

Concerns that Ontario’s proposed emissions reduction system for large emitters could be weaker than Ottawa’s ‘backstop’ programme may not matter if the provincial government won’t commit to the policy in the long-term amid legal and political uncertainty, stakeholders said at a webinar on Friday. Read More

ENI becomes second oil major to include REDD in climate commitments

Published 17:07 on March 15, 2019  /  Last updated at 17:21 on March 15, 2019  /  Africa, EMEA, International, REDD, Voluntary Market  /  No Comments

Italian oil major ENI will invest in forest protection as part of a voluntary pledge to achieve net zero upstream emissions by 2030, it said on Friday, but the firm’s plans to grow fossil fuel output mean its full carbon footprint is still likely to rise. Read More

US Carbon Pricing Roundup for week ending Mar. 15, 2019

Published 22:25 on March 15, 2019  /  Last updated at 22:31 on March 15, 2019  /  Americas, Carbon Taxes, US  /  No Comments

A summary of legislative action on carbon pricing and clean energy bills at the US state level taken this week, including the passage of a 100% clean electricity bill in New Mexico, calls for higher GHG targets in Maine, and a carbon sequestration financial package in Washington state. Read More

EU Market: EUAs dip for a 2.2% weekly loss as Brexit uncertainty continues

Published 19:20 on March 15, 2019  /  Last updated at 21:37 on March 15, 2019  /  EMEA, EU ETS  /  No Comments

European carbon prices eased back on Friday in relatively calm trade that remains stifled by uncertainty over how and when Britain might leave the EU carbon market. Read More

Germany, Italy help EU reach 'two-thirds complete' mark in 2019 free EUA allocations

Published 18:53 on March 15, 2019  /  Last updated at 18:53 on March 15, 2019  /  EMEA, EU ETS  /  No Comments

EU member states have handed out a further 57 million free carbon allowances over the past fortnight, with Germany and Italy accounting for the bulk of that. Read More

Australia loosens CO2 caps for coal mining companies

Published 10:17 on March 15, 2019  /  Last updated at 10:17 on March 15, 2019  /  Asia Pacific, Australia  /  No Comments

Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator has raised CO2 emission caps for three coal mining companies, data released this week showed, including a 64% increase for Anglo Coal’s Moranbah North mine. Read More

Minister gives clearest indication yet that NZ govt wants agriculture in ETS

Published 04:50 on March 15, 2019  /  Last updated at 09:57 on March 15, 2019  /  Asia Pacific, New Zealand  /  No Comments

New Zealand Finance Minister Grant Robertson on Friday said the government will bring the nation’s biggest-emitting sector into its ETS, causing NZU prices to jump to a new four-month high. Read More

Australia broadens method to generate offsets from animal manure

Published 10:42 on March 15, 2019  /  Last updated at 10:42 on March 15, 2019  /  Asia Pacific, Australia  /  No Comments

Australia on Friday released a new draft method to broaden and simplify generation of carbon offsets from animal effluent. Read More

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