EU businesses raise alarm over red tape cost impact as CBAM launch looms

Published 18:15 on September 28, 2023  /  Last updated at 11:54 on September 29, 2023  / Susannah Rodgers /  Carbon Taxes, CBAM, EMEA, EU ETS, International

European importers face rising prices and administrative bottlenecks as the EU’s new carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) comes into effect from next month, according to a think-tank report published on Thursday that surveyed businesses.

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UPDATE – Global shipping needs bold collaborative action to decarbonise -UN report

Published 12:30 on September 27, 2023  /  Last updated at 19:50 on September 27, 2023  / Susannah Rodgers /  International, Shipping

Global shipping needs swift action and collaboration via economic incentives to decarbonise while ensuring a just and equitable transition, according to a UN report released Wednesday that appeared to downplay concerns by some nations that a carbon levy would hinder trade particularly among poorer nations.

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UPDATE – Path to limit warming to 1.5C has narrowed but world has tools to transition much faster, says IEA

Published 06:00 on September 26, 2023  /  Last updated at 12:27 on September 26, 2023  / Susannah Rodgers /  Climate Talks, International

Governments need to separate climate from geopolitics so the transition to renewable energy can go much faster using tools the world already has, in order to keep on the narrowing path to curb global warming, according to the IEA in a report published Tuesday. 

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Growing divergence between ambition and reality in global efforts to reach net zero emissions –report

Published 00:00 on September 20, 2023  /  Last updated at 17:26 on September 19, 2023  / Susannah Rodgers /  International

The world needs to be decarbonising at almost seven times the current rate to stay on track to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, according to research published Wednesday.

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Countries make patchy progress on power sector decarbonisation amid signs of hope -analysts

Published 15:00 on September 19, 2023  /  Last updated at 19:14 on September 18, 2023  / Susannah Rodgers /  Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific, Australia, China, EMEA, International, Japan, Mexico, Other APAC, US

Countries have made mixed progress in decarbonising their power sectors in line with Paris Agreement targets but there are some signs of hope, with finance key to developing countries meeting fossil fuel phase-out targets, according to research published on Tuesday. 

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European Investment Bank and UN agree pact to expand reach of climate and development financing

Published 13:46 on September 19, 2023  /  Last updated at 13:53 on September 19, 2023  / Susannah Rodgers /  Climate Talks, EMEA, International

The European Investment Bank and five UN institutions announced Tuesday an agreement aimed at increasing the impact of climate and development financing by making it easier to work on joint projects.

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California sues five oil majors, demanding they pay their ‘fair share’ for climate damage

Published 12:39 on September 18, 2023  /  Last updated at 15:42 on September 18, 2023  / Susannah Rodgers /  Americas, International, US

California is suing five of the world’s largest oil companies, alleging that executives have deceived the public for decades about how fossil fuels have been damaging health and the environment while relying on taxpayers to foot the bill.

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Climate change is undermining sustainability goals, says UN

Published 17:30 on September 14, 2023  /  Last updated at 17:30 on September 14, 2023  / Susannah Rodgers /  Climate Talks, International, Paris Article 6

Lack of progress towards climate goals is undermining global efforts to tackle hunger, poverty, ill health, access to clean water and energy, and many other aspects of sustainable development, according to a UN report released Thursday.

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Stronger international cooperation in high-emissions sectors crucial, says IEA

Published 06:00 on September 14, 2023  /  Last updated at 14:50 on September 14, 2023  / Susannah Rodgers /  International

Countries must “supercharge” international collaboration across high-emitting sectors to get on track to curb global warming at no more than 1.5C, according to a report Thursday from the International Energy Agency.

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Amazon, Electrolux among companies launching zero-emission shipping tender

Published 15:56 on September 13, 2023  /  Last updated at 15:57 on September 13, 2023  / Susannah Rodgers /  International, Shipping

The Zero Emission Maritime Buyers Alliance, a group within the maritime sector, said Wednesday it has launched its first zero-emission shipping tender, with Amazon and Electrolux among those on board.

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