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DIALOGUE: JI casts a long shadow, but does it have redeemable features?

The UN’s Joint Implementation (JI) has long been subject to criticism over its environmental integrity and may have been dealt a knock-out blow by a study this week that found almost three-quarters of its carbon credits may not represent emission reductions.


EUAs dip towards €8 as dark spreads narrow on euro, coal

EUAs dipped towards €8 on Thursday, falling to their lowest since Aug. 11 despite a well-bid auction, as traders fretted over a coming auction supply increase and bearish signals in the energy complex.


UN sets up first CDM hub in Asia

The UN has set up a fifth Regional Collaboration Centre (RCC), its first in the Asia-Pacific region, to help attract further investment in the CDM and boost spending in low-carbon technologies.


EEX sees further decline in carbon trading revenue

Emissions trading revenue for EEX dropped by €100,000 in the first half of 2015 compared to a year ago, as the German energy bourse continued to see activity on its secondary market decline.


ICE introduces EU emissions trading fee rebate to lure new members

Market operator ICE Futures Europe is introducing a monthly trading fee rebate for most of its screen-traded EU emissions contracts in a bit to attract new participants and boost liquidity.


Voluntary market data from CTX as of August 27, 2015

Below is a table of Verified Emission Reduction (VER) prices and offered volumes, based on voluntary market data from Carbon Trade Exchange.


Bite-sized updates from around the world:

What’s on the table in Bonn?  WRI’s David Waskow weighs in on what to expect as delegates congregate for a final negotiating session ahead of the Paris summit.

The U.S. will need to expand the Clean Power Plan beyond electricity producers to meet President Barack Obama’s goals to reduce carbon emissions, according to a Citigroup report covered by Bloomberg.

Biden candidacy seen riding on Obama’s green coattails – If the past is prologue, then environmentalists may want to keep watch on Vice President Joe Biden’s potential presidential candidacy: Biden recently declared climate change policy would be the “single most important thing” the Obama administration would address in its two terms, suggesting it could also be at the center of a hypothetical campaign platform. (Greenwire)

Coal may drop below $50 a metric ton this year as a supply glut combines with a slide in emerging market currencies that supports exports, Bloomberg reported.

Combining carbon market and non-market climate finance, rather than continuing their parallel existence, results in benefits from synergies from a methodological as well as financial perspective, says think-tank NewClimate Institute, in a paper on results-based financing in climate policy.

Hawaii’s governor dumps oil and gas in favor of 100% renewables – An unlikely partnership between Hawaii’s local government and the US military makes the island a leader in energy policy. (The Nation)

And finally… Global sea levels are 3 inches higher than they were in 1992, according to NASA, and “it’s likely to get worse”. (Time)

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