CP Daily: Tuesday July 14, 2015

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RWE sees 10-15% lignite power drop by 2020, its plants making up half of capacity reserve -media

German utility RWE expects to cut its output of lignite-fired power by 10-15% by 2020 compared to current levels, CEO Matthias Hartung told reporters on Tuesday, according to Reuters.


Czech court rules against tax on EU carbon permits

A Czech court struck down a tax imposed on utilities on their freely allocated EU Allowances over 2011-12, a ruling that paves the way for utilities to recoup as much as 7.4 billion koruna (€273 million) from the government.


EU carbon slips from fresh 5-mth high as spec buying loses steam

EU carbon prices lost steam on Tuesday and ended lower after hitting a fresh five-month high on mainly speculator-driven volume.


Chongqing delays ETS compliance deadline

Chongqing has delayed the compliance deadline for its ETS participants by a month to July 23, analysts Crystal Carbon said, quoting unnamed municipal government sources.


Opposition pushes against reports of weak Australian climate target

The opposition Labor and Greens parties on Tuesday railed against media reports that Australia is considering a 2030 target to cut GHG emissions to 15-25% below 2005, a level barely beyond its 2020 goal.


RGGI to auction 15m permits on Sep. 9, report finds program boosts economy

The states participating in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) will offer 15,374,294 CO2 allowances for sale on Sep. 9, the market operator said.


Bite-sized updates from around the world:

India will submit its targets for the Paris climate agreement by the end of September after hectic parleys within ministries, industry and others, the secretary for the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change told Business Standard. The announcement will capture the revamped energy efficiency targets the government is planning to set for large industries, reports Nitin Sethi. (Business Standard)

A look at what elements of December’s UNFCCC climate pact could be legally binding.  (RTCC)

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker joined the crowded field of Republican contenders vying for the White House in 2016 on Monday, and immediately stands out for having one of the poorest records on environmental and climate issues, according to green groups and political experts. (InsideClimate News)

Natural gas surpasses coal as biggest US electricity source – Natural gas overtook coal as the top source of U.S. electric power generation for the first time ever earlier this spring, a milestone that has been in the making for years as the price of gas slides and new regulations make coal more risky for power generators. (AP)

Environmental adviser urges Ontario premier to strengthen climate plan – One of Premier Kathleen Wynne’s environmental advisers is urging her to beef up the climate-change commitments significantly in the Canadian Energy Strategy, which Canada’s premiers are set to unveil this week. (Globe and Mail)

Solar power industry vows to step up campaign to topple Abbott government – Australia’s solar power industry has vowed to campaign against the Liberal party government in marginal-seat areas in a bid to overthrow it, fearing it will be the end of the industry if Prime Minister Tony Abbott remains in office. (Guardian)


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