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Lawmakers draw closer on EU ETS reform options

EU lawmakers are closing in on ways to tweak the European Commission’s post-2020 ETS revision bill a week ahead of a crunch plenary vote in the bloc’s Parliament.

Australia sees slow uptake of new projects ahead of ERF auction

Registration of new carbon offset projects in Australia has slowed considerably, with only four gone through so far this year and with two weeks to the deadline to participate in April’s Emissions Reduction Fund auction.

SK Market: “Overheated” market hits new record highs as supply drought continues

The South Korean carbon market on Monday picked up where it left off before the weekend, with permits soaring 4% to notch yet another record high.

EU Market: EUAs keep sliding as market awaits EU Parliament vote

European carbon prices dipped for a fourth straight day on Monday, again on low volumes, as sellers leaned on prices early and technicals weighed.

Shanghai exchange to resume CCER trading on Feb. 8

The Shanghai Energy and Environment Exchange will resume trading in carbon offsets on Feb. 8 after a six-month absence, it announced Monday.

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Flash the cash – South Korea will spend nearly $68 billion this year on developing technologies that can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the government said. The funding will be allocated to seven different projects, including one designed to help developing nations adapt to climate change. (Yonhap via Korea Herald)

Tax for the people – A Filipino lawmaker has proposed to introduce a carbon tax of 1 peso ($0.02) per kilo of CO2 associated with the electricity bills of residential consumers, the Manila Bulletin reported. Those who consume less than 60 kWh per month or use electricity from renewable sources would be exempted. Revenue from the tax would be earmarked for climate change adaptation purposes as well as for exploring cleaner energy sources.

To the streets! – US EPA employees rallied Monday against the impending confirmation of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as the agency’s boss, in what ThinkProgress reports to potentially be the first protest by federal workers against the Trump Administration. Roughly 300 people –  a third of whom work for the agency – took to the street outside the agency’s Chicago regional office. Both staff, represented by the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), and managers attended the rally, which took place during their lunch breaks, organisers said.

Two more for 2C – California Governor Jerry Brown has continued his stepping up of climate ambition rhetoric in the wake of the climate-sceptic Trump administration’s arrival to the White House.  He welcomed the states of Aguascalientes, Mexico and Victoria, Australia to the Under2 Coalition – the global pact among cities, states and countries each pledging to limit emissions to 2 tonnes per capita or 80-95% below 1990 levels by 2050. The coalition has now grown to 167 jurisdictions representing more than one billion people and $25.9 trillion in combined GDP – more than one-third of the global economy. (California Newswire)

And finally… Much ado about nothing – Scientists around the world quickly debunked and denounced an article in the UK’s Mail on Sunday newspaper that alleged US climate scientists exaggerated data for a 2015 NOAA study to “dupe” world leaders into adopting the Paris Agreement. The allegation comes from former NOAA scientist David Bates, who claims the agency broke its own rules for scientific integrity for a study on the “slowdown” in recent warming at Earth’s surface. Critics of the article pointed to multiple independent analyses supporting NOAA’s findings, as well as government negotiators claiming that the paper was an irrelevant during COP-21. (Carbon Brief, Climate Home)

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