Paraguayan Senate passes carbon credit regulation bill with amendments

Published 19:09 on September 22, 2023  /  Last updated at 19:09 on September 22, 2023  / William Koblensky Varela /  Americas, South & Central, Voluntary

Legislation outlining regulation of the voluntary carbon credit market passed Paraguay’s Senate this week by a significant margin following a number of amendments, and now goes to the country’s Chamber of Deputies before it can become law.

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Soil carbon a cheaper alternative to direct air capture, developers argue

Published 21:34 on September 21, 2023  /  Last updated at 21:34 on September 21, 2023  / William Koblensky Varela /  Americas, Aviation/CORSIA, Canada, Nature-based, US, Voluntary

Soil carbon projects could prove a cheaper alternative to direct air capture (DAC) technology for CO2 removal buyers, according to developers in the space, who say testing of ground storage is making older sequestration methods more reliable.

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New York official discloses timeline for final regulation, compliance obligations in cap-and-invest system

Published 23:25 on September 20, 2023  /  Last updated at 23:26 on September 20, 2023  / William Koblensky Varela /  Americas, US

New York is aiming to finalise its economy-wide cap-and-invest (NYCI) regulation next year and implement compliance obligations for regulated entities shortly thereafter, a government official said Wednesday.

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WCI jurisdictions should pursue Pan-American carbon market linkages, Quebec official says

Published 23:00 on September 20, 2023  /  Last updated at 23:20 on September 20, 2023  / William Koblensky Varela /  Americas, Canada, South & Central, US

North American jurisdictions participating under the linked WCI cap-and-trade market should pursue future linkages with Latin American states, and the only barrier to carbon markets integrating across the Western Hemisphere is price differential, a Quebec government official said Wednesday.

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Voluntary carbon market must be more proactive in countering industry criticism, stakeholders argue

Published 01:31 on September 20, 2023  /  Last updated at 01:31 on September 20, 2023  / William Koblensky Varela /  Voluntary

Proponents of the voluntary carbon market (VCM) need to push back against criticisms of the industry more vociferously and refute accusations of poor environmental integrity, an event heard this week.

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Experts disagree over whether IRA could drive down California LCFS prices

Published 22:03 on September 19, 2023  /  Last updated at 23:46 on September 20, 2023  / William Koblensky Varela /  Americas, Canada, RINs & LCFS, US

It is uncertain whether the clean fuel tax credits provided by the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) will exacerbate the decline in credit values under the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), a conference heard Tuesday.

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Verra announces new consultations, research programmes to prepare for scaled-up voluntary carbon market

Published 01:48 on September 18, 2023  /  Last updated at 21:29 on September 19, 2023  / William Koblensky Varela /  International, Voluntary

Standards body Verra on Sunday announced a suite of planned initiatives to position itself as an impactful leader in a scaled-up voluntary carbon market.

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Producers and speculators trade positions on CCA vintages, RGGI length

Published 00:24 on September 16, 2023  /  Last updated at 00:24 on September 16, 2023  / William Koblensky Varela /  Americas, Canada, US

Compliance entities moved their positions on the California Carbon Allowance (CCA) market to the current year while selling off RGGI Allowances (RGAs) , while speculators rolled their CCA positions to next year and picked up RGAs over the past week, according to US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) data published Friday.

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WCI Markets: CCAs reach new record high settlements in thin trade, WCAs inch up on stronger volumes

Published 23:30 on September 14, 2023  /  Last updated at 23:30 on September 14, 2023  / William Koblensky Varela /  Americas, Canada, US

California Carbon Allowance (CCA) and Washington Carbon Allowance (WCA) prices both increased this week despite volume going in opposite directions, while traders said regulatory drivers in the former market and heightened permit demand in the latter were behind the gains.

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California legislature weakens, but passes climate risk disclosure and anti-greenwashing bills

Published 23:20 on September 13, 2023  /  Last updated at 23:20 on September 13, 2023  / William Koblensky Varela /  Americas, US, Voluntary

Bills to mandate climate-related financial risk disclosure and prevent voluntary carbon offset greenwashing on Tuesday passed both houses of the California General Assembly, as the two pieces of legislation were amended to have slightly weaker enforcement capabilities before the final votes.

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