ECOSYSTEM MARKETPLACE – Now on Bionic Planet: Voices from Marrakech

Published 16:37 on November 28, 2016  /  Last updated at 21:14 on June 23, 2017  /  Americas, Climate Talks, Conversations, International, US, Views  /  No Comments

Two weeks after the US presidential election, the US role in the Paris Climate Agreement remains foggy. While few expect the US to continue its leadership role in the fight to slow climate change, many believe a Trump administration will treat the Agreement with benign neglect rather than kick up a storm trying to withdraw from the deal. Here is an audio mosaic distilled from interviews we conducted during the talks.

28 November 2016 | US president-elect Donald Trump claims to have an open mind on climate science, but he put an unabashed climate-science denier in charge of his environmental transition team, and he says he’ll slash NASA’s climate-monitoring capabilities.

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