Audio recordings of Carbon Pulse’s side events at the ICAP-IETA Carbon Markets Virtual Pavilion

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Here is a summary of Carbon Pulse's free side events at this week's IETA-ICAP Carbon Markets Virtual Pavilion, along with links to the audio recordings. (Video recordings not available to due to file size considerations)

Below is a summary of Carbon Pulse’s free side events at this week’s ICAP-IETA Carbon Markets Virtual Pavilion, along with links to the audio recordings. (Video recordings not available to due to file size considerations)

EU ETS: Ensuring European Industry Thrives on a Net Zero Journey (Nov. 11)
Europe’s heavy industry is responding to the European Green Deal by developing plans for a net zero future at a rapid pace. This session assesses how companies are reacting to robust emissions pricing and their prospects for deep decarbonisation by mid-century. The EU ETS is due to see sweeping changes over the coming decade, with further tightening expected and a carbon border adjustment mechanism under discussion as an alternative form of carbon leakage protection. Panellists also examine the impacts for companies facing these changes and how they are managing the risks. RECORDING

RGGI Steps into the Post-2020 Period (Nov. 11)
North America’s first cap-and-trade program will expand into Virginia next year as it begins to implement its second wave of regulatory changes, including installing an allowance supply-curbing Emissions Containment Reserve (ECR). This panel examines the effects of the expansion of the 10-state power sector market, the impact of post-2020 changes, and potential revisions for the future regional scheme. RECORDING

Canadian Offset Market and Clean Fuel Standard Outlook (Nov. 12)
After delays due to COVID, draft regulations for a Canadian federal offset programme and Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) are slated for publication this fall. This session assesses the outlook for offset protocol development and credit demand under Canada’s complex and evolving web of carbon pricing programmes, as well as how the CFS may interact with these policies once launched in 2022. We also discuss how the ultimate outcome of conservative-led provincial lawsuits challenging the legality of the federal government’s Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act could influence the CO2 pricing landscape at both the national and subnational levels going forward. RECORDING

Carbon as an Investable Asset Class (Nov. 12)
ESG investing is enjoying a surge in popularity, which has led to a rise in interest in carbon allowances or offsets as an asset class. This panel discussion features two experts involved in products that directly invest in carbon markets, with the speakers discussing the increase in investment firms looking to either gain exposure to national/regional decarbonisation efforts, or those which are simply looking to ‘green’ their portfolios. We also examine what options investors have at the moment, and we look at some of the risks, including the wild volatility that has come to characterise many of the world’s carbon markets. RECORDING

Recordings from the other Pavilion side events may be available from IETA/ICAP or the session organisers.

The full Pavilion programme offered high-level discussions and interactive sessions, along with an informal carbon markets networking area for people to connect and stay in touch.

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