CP Daily: Monday August 22, 2016

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Airline emissions deal may start six years late as nations backtrack at ICAO

Airlines may only be forced to offset their emissions growth from 2027, six years later than originally agreed, as government negotiators craft ever-wider exemptions in an effort to strike a global deal in October at UN aviation body ICAO.

China’s Zhejiang readies 400 companies for national carbon market

Some 400 companies from China’s eastern Zhejiang province will be brought into the national emissions trading scheme from the start, a senior local government official said, but the number is likely to increase in the years to 2020 as additional sectors get brought in.

Polish EUA auctions on hold pending EEX contract renewal

Poland’s monthly EUA auctions for the remainder of 2016 have been put on hold as the country negotiates a contract renewal with German energy bourse EEX, which hosts the sales.

EU Market: EUAs climb back towards €5 as auction drought begins

Carbon climbed for the third straight day on Monday, the first session in a two-week auction lull that sees no EU sales at all, despite a fairly neutral analyst outlook.

NZ Market: NZUs see fifth straight day of gains as trading picks up

New Zealand carbon allowances edged back up past NZ$18 ($12.99) in Monday trade as market activity picked up a little after the usual August lull.

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Another one bites the dust – Su Wei, a seasoned climate change negotiator and familiar presence at UNFCCC talks, has stepped down from his role as China’s lead negotiator in the NDRC climate change department, two sources familiar with the matter told Carbon Pulse. He has been transferred to the agency’s international cooperation department. It was not immediately clear if that means Su will be out of the climate talks entirely, but his old position has now been filled by Xie Ji, another NDRC climate official. Su follows a host of other UNFCCC veterans to leave the scene after the successful conclusion of a new deal in Paris last year.

Greens plot German coal exit – Germany’s Green Party has developed a 10-point plan for phasing out coal in Germany within 20 years, according to a report in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper. It includes a ban on new power plants, emission limits set by the German parliament, stakeholder discussions, and a “Coal Exit Commission” to accompany the transition. The plan will be introduced this autumn and may gain ground should the party form part of the government in next year’s federal elections and follows reports that the current government is planning a vaguer document without a firm exit date. (H/T Clean Energy Wire)

And finally … G20 offsets – China’s Hangzhou will be hosting next month’s G20 meeting, and has estimated the event will generate 6,674 tonnes of CO2. Two local donors, including United Wanma Group Holdings, will pay for 22 hectares of forest to be planted near the host city in order to offset the emissions, the organisers said Monday, according to Xinhua. (In Chinese)

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