Nasdaq launches digital carbon credit tech, signs up removal standard

Published 08:46 on November 29, 2023  /  Last updated at 08:46 on November 29, 2023  /  Americas, International, US, Voluntary

New York-based exchange provider Nasdaq on Wednesday launched a new technology it said can securely digitalise the issuance, settlement, and custody of carbon credits to pave the way for institutionalising the global emissions market, with its own carbon removal standard the first to sign up.

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US airline backs carbon removals startup with production costs under $100/tonne

Published 18:00 on November 28, 2023  /  Last updated at 22:24 on November 28, 2023  / Paddy Gourlay /  Americas, Aviation/CORSIA, International, US, Voluntary

A US carrier has become the first customer of a carbon dioxide removal (CDR) company that compresses biomass residue, such as timber or farm crops, into dense carbon blocks at relatively low cost.

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COP28: PREVIEW – Article 6 negotiations to focus on technicalities of international carbon trade

Published 16:59 on November 28, 2023  /  Last updated at 22:30 on November 28, 2023  / Roy Manuell /  Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific, Aviation/CORSIA, Climate Talks, EMEA, International, Japan, Kyoto Mechanisms, Middle East, Nature-based, Other APAC, Paris Article 6, South & Central, US, Voluntary

With the UN body mandated to shape the carbon crediting mechanism under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement having already produced its final recommendations, the focus on markets in negotiations at COP28 will be on finalising technical details relating to the international trade of units, such as determining the rules around national authorisation of transactions, the transparency of reporting, and establishing safeguards for the mechanism.

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INTERVIEW: Biochar developer raises capital to fund scale-up of commercial facilities

Published 06:01 on November 28, 2023  /  Last updated at 09:01 on November 28, 2023  / Bryony Collins /  Americas, Asia Pacific, EMEA, Nature-based, US, Voluntary

A European-based biochar developer has completed a funding round with capital raised from both existing and new investors, to fund its transition from proof-of-concept to the building of commercial-scale facilities.

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Emitters and financials shed net holdings across CCAs and RGAs, as WCAs remain short

Published 23:12 on November 27, 2023  /  Last updated at 23:12 on November 27, 2023  / Allison Gacad /  Americas, Canada, US

Compliance entities and speculators shortened their net length of California Carbon Allowance (CCA) and RGGI Allowance (RGA) holdings, while Washington Carbon Allowance (WCA) net holdings for both groups remain short, US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) data showed Monday.

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RGGI Market: RGAs drop below Cost Containment Reserve trigger levels on rolling positions

Published 21:29 on November 27, 2023  /  Last updated at 21:29 on November 27, 2023  / William Koblensky Varela /  Americas, US

RGGI allowances (RGAs) tied a record settlement price for the benchmark contract this week before sinking significantly as traders rolled their position to next year, with the vast majority of trades being spreads over the past five days.

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Carbon crediting firm and sustainability certifier partner to increase agri-food supply chain transparency

Published 20:36 on November 27, 2023  /  Last updated at 20:36 on November 27, 2023  / Bijeta Lamichhane /  Americas, International, Nature-based, US, Voluntary

A US-based carbon crediting startup for farmers and a sustainability certification provider launched a partnership to trace the progress of regenerative agriculture practices in sequestering carbon.

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COP28: PREVIEW – The big ticket topics to follow in Dubai

Published 20:03 on November 27, 2023  /  Last updated at 10:32 on November 28, 2023  / Roy Manuell /  Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific, Carbon Taxes, CBAM, Climate Talks, EMEA, International, Kyoto Mechanisms, Middle East, Nature-based, Other APAC, Paris Article 6, Shipping, South & Central, US, Voluntary

Reforming and scaling climate finance, including moving forward on operationalising a new loss and damage funding mechanism, establishing global renewables targets, and the future of fossil fuels, are likely to be the core topics of discussion at COP28 in Dubai, according to climate experts and other observers, which will also bear witness to the first ever global stocktake (GST) of the Paris Agreement.

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VCM Report: Carbon credit trade picks up as prices proliferate

Published 17:37 on November 27, 2023  /  Last updated at 12:29 on November 28, 2023  / Paddy Gourlay /  Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific, Australia, Aviation/CORSIA, Canada, China, EMEA, International, Japan, Kyoto Mechanisms, Mexico, Middle East, Nature-based, South & Central, US, Voluntary

Trade picked up in the voluntary carbon market last week as corporates looked to square end-of-year emission books, and some sellers ditched REDD credits at rock bottom prices.

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Xpansiv seeks input on trade in ICVCM-aligned carbon credits

Published 14:46 on November 27, 2023  /  Last updated at 14:46 on November 27, 2023  / Roy Manuell /  Americas, Asia Pacific, Aviation/CORSIA, EMEA, International, Nature-based, US, Voluntary

Xpansiv has launched a consultation to support the trading of instruments aligned with the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Markets’ (ICVCM) Core Carbon Principles (CCP), due to be assigned to the first carbon credits in the opening quarter of 2024, the market platform said Monday.

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