ANALYSIS: EU’s embattled petrochemicals sector seeks out low-carbon funding

Published 21:09 on November 22, 2023  /  Last updated at 19:24 on November 27, 2023  / Alejandra Padin-Dujon /  Carbon Taxes, CBAM, EMEA, EU ETS

The EU’s petrochemicals sector faces a fight for survival amid persistently high energy and carbon costs, though some firms are planning for the long-haul by tapping the ETS-financed Innovation Fund as a key source of support.

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COP28: Record 70,000 attendees expected to descend on Dubai ‘circus in the desert’

Published 01:56 on November 17, 2023  /  Last updated at 09:07 on December 2, 2023  /  Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific, Australia, Aviation/CORSIA, Bavardage, Biodiversity, Canada, Carbon Taxes, CBAM, China, Climate Talks, EMEA, International, Japan, Kyoto Mechanisms, Mexico, Middle East, Nature-based, New Zealand, Other APAC, Paris Article 6, Shipping, South & Central, South Korea, Switzerland, US, Voluntary

FREE READ – Dubai will grow in population by the equivalent of a small city as a record number of delegates descend upon the desert metropolis later this month for this year’s COP28 climate summit.

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Ukrainian energy minister says country may need EU’s help with power supplies this winter

Published 16:37 on November 16, 2023  /  Last updated at 16:37 on November 16, 2023  / Rebecca Gualandi /  Carbon Taxes, CBAM, EMEA, EU ETS

Ukraine’s deputy energy minister said on Thursday that the country’s electricity grid may need additional inputs from the EU this winter to prevent blackouts, adding that the embattled nation’s power sector is shaping up in the hope of EU accession.

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International ‘climate club’ to launch at COP28 conference, says EU climate chief

Published 15:40 on November 15, 2023  /  Last updated at 15:44 on November 15, 2023  / Rebecca Gualandi /  Carbon Taxes, CBAM, Climate Talks, EMEA, International

An international climate club for governments will be officially launched at the beginning of December at the COP28 UN climate conference in Dubai, with a particular focus on industrial decarbonisation, the EU’s top climate official Kurt Vandenberge told a conference on Wednesday.

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UK’s green industries looking to autumn finance statement for response to US and EU transition plans

Published 18:11 on November 14, 2023  /  Last updated at 18:11 on November 14, 2023  / Susannah Rodgers /  Americas, Carbon Taxes, CBAM, EMEA, UK ETS, US

UK-based green industries, from electric car chargers to solar panels, are looking to the finance minister’s autumn statement next week for a response to transition strategies elsewhere, particularly the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), and say that more potential investment will be lost without a strong government commitment.

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Climate action crawls amid insufficient carbon pricing, pressure on COP28 -report

Published 07:00 on November 14, 2023  /  Last updated at 07:24 on November 14, 2023  / Emanuela Barbiroglio /  Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific, Australia, Canada, Carbon Taxes, CBAM, China, Climate Talks, EMEA, EU ETS, International, Japan, Mexico, Middle East, New Zealand, South & Central, South Korea, Switzerland, UK ETS, US

The world is lagging behind on almost every indicator of efforts to tackle climate change, including carbon pricing systems, according to a multi-researcher report that piles up concerns for the upcoming COP28 UN negotiations.

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Safeguard Mechanism measures could be integrated into broader carbon leakage policies, Australian consultation says

Published 02:11 on November 14, 2023  /  Last updated at 02:11 on November 14, 2023  / Mark Tilly /  Asia Pacific, Australia, Carbon Taxes, CBAM

Australia has raised five potential policy options in a review process to address carbon leakage, including a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism and integrating flexibility levers of the Safeguard Mechanism into a broader suite of policies.

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UPDATE – Albania responds to EU CBAM by raising carbon tax on coal from 2024

Published 17:35 on November 13, 2023  /  Last updated at 11:09 on November 17, 2023  / Emanuela Barbiroglio /  Carbon Taxes, CBAM, EMEA

The Albanian government is preparing to adjust to the EU’s carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) by increasing its tax on coal, as part of a 2024 budget draft that the finance ministry recently presented to the country’s parliament.

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UPDATE – UK to launch carbon border measure to align with EU, as Australia seeks views

Published 08:57 on November 13, 2023  /  Last updated at 01:32 on November 14, 2023  / Ben Garside /  Carbon Taxes, CBAM, EMEA, EU ETS, UK ETS

The UK is planning to launch its own carbon border adjustment mechanism that would mirror the full 2026 launch date of the EU’s programme, the FT reported on Monday, citing anonymous officials, while the Australian government announced it’s assessing the need for its own CBAM.

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EU new enlargement plans urge neighbour nations’ to align climate policies

Published 20:01 on November 8, 2023  /  Last updated at 20:01 on November 8, 2023  / Emanuela Barbiroglio /  Carbon Taxes, CBAM, EMEA, EU ETS

Countries seeking EU membership must align with the bloc’s climate policies, including its ETS, according to a set of enlargement plans presented by the European Commission on Wednesday that were light on specific requirements.

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