Carbon Forward 2016 Conference: Oct 12-14, London

Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich – SE10 9NN



With a potential Brexit, a new US president and an emerging international aviation offset market, the global carbon trading landscape is quickly evolving…

Companies across Europe with exposure to the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS), and those to be covered by burgeoning emissions markets around the world need to cope with cost and regulatory risks associated with this constantly changing environment.  In the EU, emitters need to understand the impacts of Britain leaving the bloc, of reduced free allocations through the remainder of Phase 3, and how the post-2020 reforms will alter everything once again.  Outside of Europe, the potential transformations are no less pronounced, with California’s ETS and other US state trading schemes hanging in the balance, and China on the verge of launching the world’s largest market.

Carbon Pulse’s two-day Carbon Forward Conference and pre-conference EU ETS training day will equip you, whether you’re a company with ETS exposure, a legislator, a trader, an analyst, or anyone with an interest in emissions trading, with everything you need to know about managing risks and opportunities in the EU ETS & Global Carbon Markets.


Pre-conference Training day – Oct. 12
**Organised by carbon trading and risk management experts Redshaw Advisors
– The EU ETS, your carbon risk, and how to devise a strategy

Day 1 – EU ETS day – Oct. 13:
– Game-changers: how the MSR, Brexit, Phase IV and politics change everything
– Industrial compliance uncovered: how firms facing a shortage of CO2 allowances can survive & thrive
– Analysing the evolution of utility hedging trends
– Clues to the future: EUA prices in the past, present and future

Day 2 – International day – Oct. 14:
– Is carbon poised to become the world’s largest commodity market?
– Ready to fly: Experts analyse ICAO’s global market-based mechanism
– Carbon markets go viral: the market impact of country NDCs
– New Frontiers: pioneering profitability in emerging carbon markets – Asia and North America



Join us in London, the world’s emissions trading capital, for cutting edge discussion of the risks and opportunities in carbon markets.

Carbon Forward will take place in the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, a World Heritage Site situated on the banks of the River Thames. Just minutes from London’s Canary Wharf financial district, the venue is in London’s Zone 2 and is walking distance from numerous hotels, bars and restaurants. There are excellent public transport links to all the major airports and train stations, with Central London just 20 minutes away.

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about sponsorship or speaker opportunities, email us –

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