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EU Market: EUAs sink 3.4% as UK reaches pivotal moment on Brexit

EUAs fell more than a euro on Monday as the UK government appeared to move closer to calling an election in an attempt to head off a parliamentary move aimed at blocking a no-deal Brexit.


GCF eyes further €10 billion after agreeing process to refill coffers

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) struck a deal late last week on how to refill its coffers, smoothing the path for the UN’s main climate finance instrument to continue channelling cash to poorer nations.


China’s Belt & Road could push Paris target out of sight, report warns

The nearly 130 nations participating in China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) could push Paris Agreement global warming targets out of reach unless mechanisms are put in place to ensure green finance is an integral part of the programme, a report said Monday.


FEATURE: Countries set to spurn UN chief’s calls for more climate ambition

World leaders are unlikely to heed the UN secretary-general’s calls for countries to ramp up their Paris Agreement ambition next month, as domestic concerns and indifference from the US administration and other global heavyweights outweigh increasingly alarming evidence of a climate emergency.



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Flight fair – The German government wants to ensure that airlines pay a fair price for the emissions for which their industry is responsible, an environment ministry spokesman said, adding that flights could not remain cheaper than train travel. Earlier, Alexander Dobrindt, parliamentary leader of a Bavarian conservative party that is allied with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats had called in an interview with newspaper Bild for punitive tariffs to be imposed on flights costing less than €50. (Reuters)

Coal vote – The revent elections in Germany’s eastern coal states Saxony and Brandenburg have dealt a blow to the country’s governing parties, CDU/CSU and SPD, while bringing huge gains for the far-right AfD. Even though the climate change-denying party failed to reach its objective of becoming the strongest political force in either of the states, it scooped up most of the votes even as the governing parties have promised to invest billions to cushion the effects of the country’s planned coal exit. (Clean Energy Wire)

All about the appeals – Saskatchewan says the Supreme Court of Canada has denied the province’s request to delay its appeal hearing over the carbon tax, the Canadian Press reports. The province says the Supreme Court recently issued an order stating the hearing remain tentatively set for Jan. 14, which is later than the Dec. 5 date initially scheduled. The provincial government had asked for more time and expected a delay could mean a hearing next spring. Separately, Prince Edward Island has decided not to intervene in Saskatchewan’s Supreme Court case. Last month, Premier Dennis King said his province was joining the challenge because it wanted to have a chance to speak to the issue if necessary. However, according to CKRM, the Saskatchewan government confirmed Friday that PEI is no longer joining.

And finally… Transition risk – Populism and protest lurk behind Europe’s dying coal mines, writes Bloomberg, joining the dots between enraged voters in Germany’s mining heartland and a surge in popularity for the country’s AfD party. The Lausitz region is just one of many battlegrounds that emerged across Europe as demands for climate action clash with much of the continent’s economic reality and tradition. From Yellow Vest demonstrators in France to protesting students in Sweden, fierce debates rage over how to get to cleaner energy and transport, and at what price.

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