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E3G is looking for an experienced practitioner to lead E3G’s day-to-day engagement with the UK government on COP26, coordinate a London-based hub for non-state actor engagement in the run up to the COP and manage E3G’s internal COP26 working group.

E3G is looking for an experienced practitioner to lead E3G’s day-to-day engagement with the UK government on COP26, coordinate a London-based hub for non-state actor engagement in the run up to the COP and manage E3G’s internal COP26 working group. The role will be based in E3G’s London headquarters.


E3G is an independent think tank operating to accelerate the global transition to climate safe economies and societies. E3G builds cross-sectoral coalitions to achieve carefully defined outcomes, chosen for their capacity to leverage change. We work closely with likeminded partners in government, politics, business, civil society, science, the media, public interest foundations and elsewhere. In 2018, for the third year running, E3G was ranked the fifth most globally influential environmental think tank. E3G operates around the world with offices in Berlin, Brussels, London and Washington. D.C.

E3G’s mission is to deliver outcomes in the real world, not just reports. E3G’s Climate Diplomacy, Risk and Security Programme undertakes analysis, builds strategies and coalitions, and facilitates interventions aimed at increasing ambition in global climate action. E3G builds new forms of political and practical cooperation, as well as working to shape countries’ views on the impacts of climate change on their prosperity and security.

E3G is a long-standing diplomatic and political advisor to major governments and global organisations. Much of what we do in the climate diplomacy team is behind the scenes in the nuts and bolts of shaping change and engaging in specific processes. E3G believes that shaping public and political debates is a critical part of success. Our theory of change is that Paris facilitated a new confidence and commitment to climate action and the growing awareness of climate impacts has further incentivised climate mitigation and adaptation. However, early policy signals need strengthening and aggregating if this progress is to systematically inform and drive change at the pace and scale required; and change the calculus of country positions in the context of the Paris negotiations. Where previously climate policy led change in the real economy, in some sectors the real economy is seeing significant shifts in favour of climate action which if channelled properly could incentivise and build confidence for enhanced action under the Paris regime.

As the key organisation working on global climate change from the UK, E3G is particularly focused on ensuring that the UK remains a global climate leader in the context of Brexit. E3G co-organized the first London Climate Action Week with the Mayor of London in July 2019; showcasing London’s role as a global hub for organizations driving climate action. In 2020 we will again organize a London Climate Action Week alongside our broader efforts to support the UK government in domestic and diplomatic preparations for COP26.

This role is offered on an 18-month fixed-term basis with the possibility of further extension, starting as soon as possible.

Key responsibilities

The candidate’s main focus will be the day-to-day working-level engagement with the UK government to support delivery of a successful COP26. The candidate will also coordinate E3G’s internal COP26 hub, bringing together E3G’s ongoing engagements on UNFCCC and real economy diplomacy (including diplomacy around coal, cooling, sustainable finance, resilience and just transition).

This will include:
o Working with E3G’s core COP26 team to offer strategic support to the UK government (particularly BEIS, FCO and the Cabinet office) in developing the political strategy, strategic communications, and non-state actor alignment to deliver a successful COP26,
o Advocacy towards and coalition-building with UK government agencies (including BEIS, FCO, DFID, Cabinet office etc), and non-governmental stakeholders to align expectations and actions ahead of COP26. This will include engaging with national and international stakeholder networks
o Creating feedback loops between changes in the real economy and changes in climate policy will be a crucial dynamic in the run-up to COP26 and to achieve the long-term goals of the Paris Agreement. This will entail supporting NGOs, businesses, cities and investor groups to engage with real economy platforms and inputting into various policy reform and political processes.
o Playing an active role in developing the E3G Climate Diplomacy, Risk and Security Programme, and contributing to the wider development of E3G as an organization. Developing successful projects and supporting their delivery through the full project cycle, from fundraising to execution.
o International travel will be required.

Profile and requirement

o You have demonstrable influencing skills and strong strategic and political understanding. You prioritise achieving outcomes over running activities. You are able to operate confidently at high and “expert” level, in an international context and influencing senior decision-makers from government, business, finance and civil society.
o You have very strong written communication skills, impeccable English and the ability to adapt your style (written and verbal) to any audience from technical experts, politicians or the wider public. Past experience with diplomatic writing is preferred.
o You have a decent understanding of both UK politics and geopolitics and at least six years of relevant professional experience with progressive levels of responsibilities and a track record of significant achievements in international climate policy, foreign policy, or a related field.
o Strong personal networks into UK government would be an advantage, as would experience working in or with the UK government. Experience within the UNFCCC process is preferred but not required.
o You are positive, organised, stress-resilient and a team player able to work flexibly with a range of people across levels of seniority. You can adapt to uncertainty and deliver high quality outputs to challenging deadlines.
o You have a demonstrable track-record of leading and managing stakeholder partnerships, processes, as well as coordinating larger projects.
o You are able to quickly familiarise yourself with a new topic through self-led research including conversations with experts, assessing legislation or policy statements, and other data sources.
o You have an undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline (required) and post-graduate qualification in a relevant discipline (desirable).
o You are used to operating internationally, with a high degree of cultural sensitivity. You have the skills and resilience required to work internationally across multiple offices and time zones.
A competitive remuneration package for a non-profit organisation is offered based on qualifications and experience.

Please email your application in English to Please write ‘Senior Policy Advisor COP26 2019′ as well as your first name and surname in the subject line.

Please include:
o A CV of maximum two pages;
o A cover letter of no more than one page outlining your motivation for the job and when you would be able to start;
The deadline for applications is Friday, 6th September. Interviews will be held during the week beginning 16th September.

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