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Bypassing Trump, Canada and Mexico team up with 15 US state governors on climate

Canada, Mexico, and a coalition of 15 US state governors signed a declaration committing to jointly strengthen their climate action on Monday, aiming to defy the Trump administration.


US non-state actors collate climate efforts but will take another year to assess GHG impact

An alliance of US cities, states, and businesses accounting for more than half the country’s economy said Saturday they remain committed to the Paris Agreement and will work towards collating the impact of their various mitigation measures by next autumn.

Northeastern US states renew push for possible market-based policy to cut transport emissions

Seven northeastern US states and the District of Columbia on Monday launched a public consultation process for a regional approach to cutting carbon emissions, with a market-based approach identified as one potential outcome.

ETS links slink back on Asia Pacific countries’ priority list

Linking emerging Asian Pacific emissions trading markets is slowly dropping down the list of priorities for regional climate policy officials, even as the need to cooperate in developing markets increases.

Kyoto rule could complicate CORSIA’s CDM sourcing -expert

UN aviation body ICAO is expected to allow the use of UN-issued CDM carbon credits under its CORSIA offset scheme, but those plans might face complications as approval under the UNFCCC or an amendment to the Kyoto Protocol might be necessary, an expert said Monday.

NAMA Facility launches biggest-ever funding call as UK puts up more cash for poorer nations

The NAMA Facility launched its fifth funding call seeking applications from carbon-cutting projects in the developing world, as  EU donors collectively provided a record €85 million as they see the mitigation mechanism transitioning into the Paris-era.


Swiss CO2 allowances rebound in latest auction, halting 3-year price drop

Swiss carbon allowances rebounded slightly in the country’s latest auction, reversing a declining price trend that had been in place since the bi-annual sales started in 2014.

UK slaps £800k in EU ETS non-compliance penalties on 30 companies

Thirty-five UK-based big-emitting facilities and airlines, operated by 30 firms including energy company ConocoPhillips and investment bank Morgan Stanley, have been hit with more than £800,000 ($1.05 mln) in non-compliance fines related to the EU ETS.

EU Market: EUAs hit 2-week low as slide continues

European carbon logged a fifth day of losses on Monday, sinking to a two-week low and unravelling early November’s gains.


Forest carbon projects can narrow emissions gap, but not all are created equal

Before year-end climate talks began in Bonn, Germany last Monday, the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) published its 2017 Emissions Gap Report, which warned that existing climate action plans – called “Nationally Determined Reductions” (NDRs) – won’t keep global temperatures from rising 2oC.


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Head of Carbon Offset Project Portfolio – London
Environmental Products and Power Analyst – London
Account Manager (Czechia and Slovakia), Carbon Trading Desk – Warsaw
Regulatory Compliance Coordinator, Carbon Markets – Toronto
Cap-and-Trade CITSS Coordinator – Ontario
Project Development Specialists (2), Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) – Belmopan City, Belize
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Because he hasn’t figured it out yet himself? – The Trump administration does not plan to give international diplomats any clues about how they could convince the US to stay in the Paris Agreement, Politico reports. The White House source said State Department diplomats and Trump aides would not engage on remaining in the 2015 Paris agreement, which Trump has said he would exit unless he got terms more favorable to US businesses. “We’re not going to address that issue,” the official said on an embargoed call with reporters last Thursday. “The president has left the door open, the president has said multiple times that he’s willing to reconsider our engagement in the Paris agreement if we can find a fairer deal that works for American businesses, taxpayers, consumers, so yeah it’s up to the president.”

Emissions on the rise – Global CO2 emissions are set to spike in 2017 following three years of no growth, according to new research. A study from the Global Carbon Project published in three different scientific journals shows that emissions from industrial sources and fossil fuel burning are set to grow 2% in 2017. The research also suggests emissions will rise in 2018. “We’ve been lucky in the last three years with emissions being flat without any real policy driving it,” study co-author Glen Peters told the Washington Post. “If we want to ensure that emissions remain flat we have to put policies in place…and the second step is to start to drive emissions down.” (Climate Nexus)

Adaptation boost – The Global Environment Facility (GEF) announced its support for a first-of-its-kind climate resilience investment fund today in Bonn. The fund will boost adaptation efforts in some of the world’s most vulnerable countries. And, for the first time, private investors will have the opportunity to get their return by investing in a fund that exclusively focuses on resilience-related companies. The fund, an initiative developed by US-based investment firm Lightsmith Group, is receiving support from the GEF Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF) project called the Climate Resilience and Adaptation Finance and Technology Transfer Facility (CRAFT).  Other partners include the Nordic Development Fund (NDF) and Conservation International (CI).

And finally… Sing loud – Protesters disrupted a US-sponsored presentation about fossil fuels and nuclear as solutions to climate change in Bonn today. Shortly after an introduction by White House energy policy adviser George David Banks, demonstrators began singing a version of “God Bless the USA,” with the lyrics changed to convey an anti-coal message (watch it here).  They protesters carried on for around 10-15 minutes before vacating, leaving the session to continue in a room was mostly empty with the exception of a few journalists and remaining protesters. (The Verge)

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