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EU ETS reform talks to resume in September as new players get to grips

EU lawmakers will continue trilogue negotiations to finalise the post-2020 EU ETS reform bill in September after Monday evening’s closed session broke as expected without a final deal.

G20 isolates Trump on climate, shies away from carbon pricing pledges

Nineteen of the G20 major economies on Saturday endorsed a climate action plan while declaring the 2015 Paris Agreement irreversible, isolating the US and rebuffing President Trump’s efforts to renegotiate the pact.


Oregon legislators ready new cap-and-trade bill for 2018 after efforts again stall

Oregon legislators are already preparing to advance a new bicameral carbon pricing bill in the next legislative session after a number of proposals failed to advance this year.


Scale of corporate emissions highlights investor power in climate fight -report

Almost a third of historic global GHG emissions can be traced to publicly-owned companies, highlighting the power of investors in forcing a cleaner transition, a report has found.

Certifier Gold Standard goes deeper into development, teams up with UNFCCC

Non-profit offset certifier Gold Standard on Monday launched a new standard for projects that applies across all types of climate and development action, aiming to attract interest from companies seeking to align with the UN’s Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Vietnam ministry to introduce carbon tax proposal, raising questions over existing trading plans

Vietnam’s Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI), in co-operation with the UNDP, is launching a project to determine how best to apply a tax or fee on the nation’s rapidly increasing carbon emissions, despite other ministries working on developing a carbon trading mechanism for the country.

China’s Hubei postpones ETS compliance deadline over verification delays

The government of China’s Hubei province has postponed the 2016 compliance deadline in its emissions trading scheme due to the regulator being late in settling final CO2 output numbers.

China’s second biggest steel producer sets up carbon trading subsidiary

The HBIS Group, China’s second biggest steel producer, has set up a carbon subsidiary that will handle trading, offset project development, and MRV issues once its parent company gets brought into the national emissions trading scheme.

Audit finds Australia lacks transparency on ERF

The Australian government lacks transparency over how it projects emission cuts from its Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) and should improve the flow of information from its key climate policy mechanism, the National Audit Office said.


Germany to include polymer industry in EU ETS from next year

Germany will this month finalise a law to regulate its polymer industry under the EU ETS starting in 2018.

EU Market: EUAs extend 4-month high as next trilogue session kicks off

EU carbon prices built on last week’s solid upward momentum on Monday to extend Friday’s four-month high and briefly rise above €5.50.


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Business Development Manager (x2), Four Twenty Seven – New York/Boston and Paris/London
Chairperson, Plan Vivo – UK-based, proximity to Edinburgh an advantage
Senior Climate Change Policy Advisor, Australian Capital Territory – Canberra

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En Decembre – French president Emmanuel Macron will host a climate conference this December, on the two-year anniversary of the Paris Agreement, reports Politico. Macron wants the summit to focus on “climate mobilisation”, according to a tweet he sent over the weekend. (Carbon Brief)

Cleaner & cheaper – If Australia decides to introduce a Clean Energy Target, as proposed last month by chief scientist Alan Finkel, wholesale electricity prices could be reduced by some 40-60% over the next decade, analysts Reputex said in a new research update. This would be driven by higher volumes of renewable energy supply, which is forecast to increase competition and decrease the influence of high gas prices in the national electricity market. Such a target would establish a traded market for clean energy credits, the closest Australia appears to be able to come to a carbon market.

Let’s hear it for 16745 – A new international standard created to simplify the measuring and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions from existing buildings will “bring a response to the expectations of all”, according to industry experts.  The ISO 16745 framework will provide a set of methods to calculate, report, communicate and verify carbon metrics for emissions arising from the measured energy use during the activity of an existing building. The simplicity of its approach means it is applicable at all scales, from cities and building portfolios to individual buildings. Until now, there has been no globally agreed method to measure, report and verify potential reductions of emissions from existing buildings in a consistent and comparable way. (edie.net)

And finally… The Clean Easy – New Orleans’ Mayor Mitch Landrieu on Friday unveiled a plan to cut the city’s GHG emissions by half over 13 years and by 80% by 2050, in an effort to combat at the local level what he called the “existential threat” of climate change and to jump-start a wave of new jobs for locals. According to The New Orleans Advocate, the executive order calls for a gradually switch toward using only low-carbon power sources, and sets a goal of motivating residents to walk, bike or use public transit for half of all their city trips.

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