CP Daily: Tuesday December 20, 2016

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German energy use up 1.6% in 2016 amid shift to cleaner fuels -report

Primary energy consumption in Germany rose by 1.6% year-on-year in 2016, with higher natural gas and renewables accounting for most of the rise, according to a report published Monday.

TABLE: EU nation views on key ETS reform options

Herein is a table outlining the positions of all 28 EU member states on key reform options being considered under the post-2020 ETS revision proposal.

*** Carbon Pulse’s 77-page EU ETS dossier includes a comprehensive Phase 4 reform tracker with major amendments, timelines and stakeholder views in one place ***

EU Market: EUAs post more gains but fail to end above technical barrier

EU carbon prices extended its three-week high above €5 on Tuesday, albeit on very pre-holiday volume, but a late slide prevented it from surpassing its 200-day moving average for the first time in almost a month.

Man linked to carbon fraud ring leader gunned down in Paris -media

A man linked to the leader of a large carbon trading tax fraud ring was shot several times in a drive-by shooting in Paris on Sunday, according to local media.

Trio behind £3 million VER scam banned by UK court

The UK High Court has disqualified three men from being directors for at least 14 years each over their involvement in a voluntary carbon credit scheme that cost investors nearly £3 million.


But before we go… – The Obama administration finalised a rule Monday morning that aims to protect thousands of miles of streams by forcing coal companies “to avoid mining practices that permanently pollute streams, destroy drinking water sources … and threaten forests,” the Washington Post reports.  Under the rule, which overhauls regulations in place for more than three decades, coal companies that have finished mining in an area will be required to restore the land to the same condition that existed before digging began. But the announcement, coming a month before power is handed over to Trump and his administration, is almost certain to anger coal companies and some Republicans, and therefore will likely will be an early target for the new president.

20 chambers of commerce, and a partridge in a pear tree – Twenty chambers of commerce from communities across Ontario are calling for the provincial government to defer its cap-and-trade scheme, which is due to start on Jan. 1.  In a joint letter, the chambers said they want to see the programme reevaluated, citing high compliance costs coupled with high hydro rates, as well as a potential change in policy direction in the US under President Trump. (CTV)

Credit to them – The World Bank’s CI-Dev has agreed to buy CERs at above-market rates from a pilot project in Senegal by the Rural Electrification Agency of Senegal (ASER). The project helps rural populations access cleaner electricity by using the CER revenue for vouchers that are then distributed to households, which can use them to help pay private firms to connect them. (World Bank)

And finally… Tubiana tour – Laurence Tubiana, France’s climate envoy that steered the Paris Agreement, is to become CEO of the philanthropic European Climate Foundation (ECF) on Mar. 1, 2017. She will take over from Johannes Meier, who had signalled that he would be stepping down due to his wife’s illness, ECF said in an emailed statement.

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