CP Daily: Monday September 19, 2016

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Canada to impose carbon pricing on provinces, won’t likely deepen CO2 targets -minister

Canada will impose mandatory carbon pricing on provinces that don’t adopt a system themselves, the country’s environment minister said Sunday, adding that the federal government is unlikely to commit to more ambitious national emissions targets than those set by the previous administration.

Internal carbon pricing up 18%, but only one in five firms bother -CDP

The number of companies that have publicly said they apply internal carbon pricing for investment decisions rose 18.3% this year to at least 517, with a further 732 planning to by 2018, a report by non-profit CDP covering 5,759 disclosing companies worldwide found on Monday.

Shenzhen adds new sectors to emissions trading scheme

China’s Shenzhen has added 246 new companies to its emissions trading scheme, including public transport and companies operating at the city airport, the municipal government said.

EU Market: EUAs cling to last week’s gains as energy supports

European carbon prices held on to last week’s gains to end higher on Monday, boosted by gains in energy after EUAs shed as much as 3.7% earlier in the session.

COMMENT: Bunker emissions – time is up

The time of reckoning for international aviation and shipping is with us. Yet 19 years after Kyoto, there are many worrying signs over whether their respective organisations can agree a credible measures to tackle their emissions, writes Bill Hemmings, director, aviation and shipping, at campaigners T&E.

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Liberal to steer EU effort-sharing – Dutch Liberal ALDE group MEP and climate policy veteran Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy  has been appointed rapporteur to steer the EU’s post-2020 non-ETS proposal through the bloc’s parliament.

Massachusetts ups ante – Massachusetts’ Republican Governor Charlie Baker has signed an executive order directing officials to establish caps on GHG emissions along with a statewide adaptation plan by next summer. The order follows a court ruling that held that Massachusetts had not done enough to meet its climate goals, and it increases the chances that the state will push the other eight RGGI states for a deeper post-2020 cap cut this year. Read more here. (H/T Climate Nexus)

Out of CDM – Project developer and carbon consultants Goldchina have cancelled 130,000 CERs from a wind farm project in China, converting them into voluntary credits instead, a UNFCCC website showed. The company last year did the same with more than 400,000 UN offsets, telling Carbon Pulse it had lost confidence in the CDM Executive Board.

Bank of carbon neutral – Bank of America has committed to become carbon neutral and source 100% of its electricity from renewables by 2020, Environmental Leader reports.  Amongst other goals announced by the US bank were reducing location-based GHG emissions by 50%, energy use by 40%, and water use by 45% in its global operations by 2020.

And finally… Germans want more – Some 53% of Germans think their country should do more to remain a pioneer in climate protection, according to a YouGov survey commissioned by green group WWF.  However, some 34% of participants said Germany would stay a pioneer even without increased effort. (H/T Clean Energy Wire)

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