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France pushes for 2.4% annual ETS cap cut amid limited progress at EU Council meet

France became the first EU nation to explicitly call for an annual CO2 cap cut of more than 2.2% in the ETS after 2020, remarks made during a meeting of the bloc’s environment ministers that saw many other nations focus on how free allowances should be shared.

ANALYSIS: France’s EU ETS price collar plan facing the guillotine

A French proposal to introduce a price collar on allowance prices in the EU ETS is widely seen as politically unworkable and lacks support from most legislative corners, factors that have effectively administered the plan its last rites.

California’s ARB looking at future without cap-and-trade

California’s ARB on Friday released a concept paper updating its scoping plan, outlining four strategies to meet its 2030 emissions reduction goal – three of which don’t factor in a post-2020 continuation of the state’s cap-and-trade scheme.

South Africa releases draft rules for offset use under carbon tax

South Africa on Monday released long-awaited draft rules governing the use of offsets under its national carbon tax, which is expected to be introduced next year.

EU Market: EUAs up on energy, ‘Bremain’ hopes to step back from technical cliff edge

European carbon jumped on Monday, stoked by huge gains in coal and power prices and as markets appeared to factor in a ‘remain’ vote in this Thursday’s UK referendum.

California, Quebec CO2 sale volumes up 24% for Aug. 16 auction

California and Quebec will sell a total 96.4 million allowances at their next joint auction on Aug. 16, the two governments announced on Friday, some 24% more than was offered in their May auction due to the glut of unsold units.

All Guangdong ETS participants comply by deadline

All 186 participants in Guangdong’s emissions trading scheme surrendered allowances to cover their 2015 CO2 emissions by Monday’s deadline, the provincial government said.


Job listings this week:

Senior Climate Change Specialist (PMR), World Bank – Washington DC
Energy Economist, Climate Change Cross-Cutting Solutions Area, World Bank – Washington DC
Climate Policy Specialist, Green Climate Fund – Songdo, South Korea
Emissions Trader – London
Energy and Climate Change Policy, Research Internship, Ecuity – Solihull, UK
Various roles, Climate Analytics – Berlin/New York
Development Associate, The Climate Registry – Los Angeles/elsewhere in North America
Deputy Chief of Party, Climate Economic Analysis for Development, Investment & Resilience (CEADIR) USAID Activity, Crown Agents USA – Washington DC

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US Dems focus on climate change, carbon tax – The Democratic National Convention Committee’s forum in Arizona aimed at channelling grassroots voices drew calls for a carbon tax and strong environmental policies in the party platform due to be released in July. Committee members heard testimonies from nearly two dozen experts and activists on climate change and politics, and reportedly seemed supportive of instituting a carbon tax, calling it good politics. Rep. Elijah Cummings and Rep. Barbara Lee noted the importance of climate issues for young voters, whom they want to be a part of the Democratic Party. Similar forums will be held on June 24 and 25 in St. Louis and on July 8 and 9 in Orlando, Florida. (H/T Climate Nexus)

RIP New York climate bill – A bill to slash greenhouse gas emissions in New York state, potentially by creating only the second economy-wide cap-and-trade program in the US, died in the state Senate without a vote, Argus reports.  The ambitious legislation, which did not advance out of committee, would have required the state to achieve zero emissions by 2050 and to get half of its electricity from renewables by 2030.  The Assembly, which Democrats control, had approved the bill earlier this month by a 96-43 vote, and environmentalists said it also had enough support to pass the Republican-controlled Senate.  However, it was not called up for a vote before the legislature ended its session over the weekend.

Germans want out – The environment ministers of the country’s various states have called on the federal government to come up with a concrete timetable for the country’s coal phase-out, reports dpa. (H/T Clean Energy Wire)

Read the fine print – Now that China has overtaken the U.S. to be the largest issuer of green bonds, some investors are showing skepticism over a regulatory regime that even allows sales by coal projects, Bloomberg reports.

And finally… Robot farmers – Drones, satellites and weed-killing lasers could slash the energy used to grow crops, Climate Home reports.

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