CP Daily: Monday May 16, 2016

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UN climate chief targets 2018 review for nations to up ambition

Outgoing UN climate chief Christiana Figueres expects countries will be able to improve the ambition of their climate pledges at a 2018 UN review, though G7 environment ministers emphasised that the meeting should focus on the longer term.

CDM’s executive approves second aviation methodology as scheme’s ‘other uses’ still unclear

The CDM’s Executive Board (EB) last week approved a second methodology aimed at airlines while also extending its first one, as the regulators took further measures to tailor the UN-run scheme for the aviation sector.

China brings manufacturer-owned power plants into national ETS

China’s national emissions trading scheme will be expanded to also include power plants owned by manufacturing firms, the National Development and Reform Commission said.

EU Market: EUAs rise in thin holiday trade amid oil surge

EU carbon gained 4.4% on Monday in thin holiday-curtailed trade as energy prices surged and observers predicted price rises on the back of this month’s easing of auction supply.

ICAO aviation offset market talks yield little progress, seen backtracking on previous agreement

Three-day talks on a deal to launch a market-based offsetting mechanism for international aviation emissions from 2020 wrapped up in Montreal Friday without any firm progress, with some nations even appearing to backtrack on a previous agreement by proposing a ‘pilot’ practice phase and a later start date.


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Analyst, Emissions Trading Scheme, New Zealand Environmental Protection Authority – Wellington
Senior Policy Analyst, Climate Change, New Zealand Ministry for the Environment – Wellington
Associate Analyst, Climate Policy, PG&E – San Francisco
Forestry Program Officer, American Carbon Registry – Sacramento or other
Power Trading Manager, Total Gas & Power – Australia

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‘Cahbon’ rising – Greenhouse gas emissions from power plants across New England, many of which are covered by RGGI, increased 5% last year, the first time in five years that emissions rose, according to the regional grid operator. A cold winter and the closure of the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant were considered the main contributors to the increase. (Boston Globe)

Ontario’s plan – The Canadian province plans to spend over C$7 billion ($5.4 billion) over the next four years to cut GHG emissions, according to a climate action plan seen by the Globe & Mail.  Planned new measures include retrofitting buildings, boosting electric vehicles and reducing the use of natural gas for heating.

Trump’s new guy rows back on CO2 tax – The new energy adviser to Republican US presidential contender Donald Trump was quick to clarify reports that he would push for a CO2 tax.  Congressman Kevin Cramer took pains to point out that his guidance would likely be more limited and would follow his previous advocacy favouring a small fee for carbon emissions as a way to pay for R&D to make fossil fuels clean.  “The American public wants to see something done on climate change.  But we don’t have to throw oil and gas and coal and fossil fuels under the bus to do that,” he told The Hill.  E&E carries an interview explaining his stance.

Carbon market mini-series – In the fourth instalment of ClimateWire’s six-part series about the highs and lows of carbon markets, John Fialka examines how the non-market economy of China has embraced carbon trading, speaking to several well-travelled US-based experts.

And finally… Civil disobedience for the climate – 12 days of ‘Break Free’ climate activist actions worldwide aiming for 100% renewable energy concluded on Saturday with hundreds in Washington state and New York. Some occupied rail links to Tesoro and Shell refineries, Reuters reported. Elsewhere, coal shipments were halted in Australia, 3,500 shut down a Vattenfall lignite mine and blocked supplies to a power plant, 10,000 marched in the Philippines against a proposed 600MW coal-fired power plant, and ANZ bank branches were closed in New Zealand as protesters urged them to divest.

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