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*PREMIUM LISTING - We are looking for an expert with a strong project management and strategic project planning, development, and implementation background, as well as experience in stakeholder engagement within the oil and gas or energy sector with added benefits with expertise on carbon crediting and finance.

Project Portfolio Manager, Carbon Credits

Immediate climate action through elimination of financial barriers.

We are looking for an expert with a strong project management and strategic project planning, development, and implementation background, as well as experience in stakeholder engagement within the oil and gas or energy sector with added benefits with expertise on carbon crediting and finance.

We have just announced a partnership with OGCI Climate Investments, an established impact investor, which has invested in CL-Invest providing the necessary driving force for the rapid scale-up of the company. OGCI-CI operates a $1B+ fund and consists of 12 oil & gas majors – Aramco, bp, Chevron, CNPC, Eni, Equinor, ExxonMobil, Occidental, Petrobras, Repsol, Shell and TotalEnergies, and we are now looking for the right Project Portfolio Manager to assist in the rapid expansion of the company.

CL-Invest is an investment company based in Oslo city centre, Norway with a team of experts with decades of experience in project finance, assessment, and development. ​We work in partnership with National Oil Companies (NOCs) and independent oil producers to realize scalable emission reductions that can be achieved rapidly.

Our mission is immediate climate action through elimination of financial barriers with a focus on methane and flare reduction projects in emerging economies. CL-Invest is currently developing several methane and flare abatement projects in the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa. The opportunities for emission cuts in these countries are particularly large, but often face significant financial and other barriers that we overcome by risk-based project financing.

CL-Invest offers full-service including project identification and assessment, project financing, implementation, carbon credit development and carbon credit sales. We leverage strong international partners to manage all activities of the project cycle, including field work prior to validation and preparation for and conducting of monitoring, reporting and verification of emission reductions.​

The company was founded as a result of a de-merger of Carbon Limits AS in 2021. CL-Invest continues the financing, generation, and monetization of GHG emissions projects which includes sales of emission reductions as High-Quality Credits in carbon markets. Carbon Limits provides consulting services and extends technical services to CL-Invest and indirectly to its clients. Our total impact equals 9.2 million tons of CO2e (btw that’s the annual emissions from ca 2.2 million cars, the same amount of cars as we have in Norway) removed and around 70 million euros of carbon credit finance generated to date.

From 2022 to 2030, CL-Invest aims to cover more than 200 projects and achieve a total emission reduction equivalent of more than 61.4 million tCO2e. The annual estimated emission reductions on our current projects are ​800 000 tCO2e in 2022 and 1 million tCO2e in 2023.  ​

CL-Invest is now in the process of establishing partnerships with international players who have complementary expertise and resources and can thus add to the rapid upscaling of the business.


The Project Portfolio Manager will be responsible for maximising business value and mitigate risk by focusing on the strategic level of carbon credit project execution encompassing managerial responsibilities of project portfolio governance, prioritization, coordination, optimization, portfolio and capacity planning, monitoring, reporting, risk management and project stakeholder communication.

The Project Portfolio Manager will be the principal driving force for managing the process to   evaluate, measure and track project benefits, parties, and timelines at the portfolio level. The position entails responsibility for overseeing that the specific project development cycle activities are executed in time by internal and external project participants and stakeholders. The role encompasses liaising with key partners in project host countries, which include but are not limited to national and private oil, gas and other resource production and exploration companies, technology and service providers, customers, traders, high-ranking government and regulatory officials, and partners for the purchase of carbon credits.

CL-Invest is operating worldwide, predominantly in the emerging and developing economies. Hence, the work duties imply travel for project coordination, management and oversight, business negotiations and deal acquisition. The position involves work with high-ranking officials and executives in countries which usually would not be regarded as tourist destinations. CL-Invest will ensure adequate safety and protection during all business operations.

The Project Portfolio Manager will receive active support from the company’s owners and partners who have broad international experience in business development within the energy and climate fields. This is an exceptional opportunity for the right expert to get a first-hand involvement in decarbonization of the sector and engage with key sector players by utilizing their existing expertise in project portfolio management, governance, and optimization.

Key responsibilities:

  • Overseeing carbon credit project execution encompassing high-level managerial responsibilities of project portfolio governance, development, prioritization, coordination, optimization, portfolio and capacity planning, reporting and monitoring.
  • Being the key manager in project coordination and processing of stakeholder accountability to follow the execution of all carbon credit project cycle activities (project identification and planning, financing, carbon credit development cycle, implementation and verification, monetization of the credits).
  • Daily tasks include coordination on contract acquisition, site selection and project development document preparation, emission reduction measurement campaigns, repair work, monitoring and verification operations, and sales of carbon credits.
  • Directly reporting to the COO across all project portfolio operations and status encompassing all regions of CLI business operations.
  • Actively engage and liaise with project stakeholders and lead the communication and execution of activities across various channels both on-site (tank farms, O&G production sites, on-shore, and off-shore site locations etc.) and remotely.
  • Utilizing optimized project coordination and management PPM software to ensure high efficiency of project portfolio management.
  • Assessing the full-scope project portfolio risk factors within the geographical context of the project(s) to mitigate risk and optimize project implementation and delivery.


  • Several years (5-10+) of experience as a successful executive with managerial and high-level project portfolio oversight responsibility, preferably in the energy sector or the oil and gas industry.
  • Experience in developing project strategies, conducting oversight of the project development process, and implementing new project leads.
  • Strong knowledge and competency in specialized PPM software for managerial, analytical, and administrative tasks.
  • PMI certification (or similar) is required and a must-have qualification.
  • Experience and knowledge in the carbon credit project cycle and carbon financing is a significant advantage.
  • Strong, winning personality and excellent communication skills even under challenging situations
  • English is required; Additional languages are an advantage, particularly Arabic, Russian, French, German, Portuguese/ other relevant languages are an advantage.
  • A proven strong educational background with a master’s degree in a relevant field at a minimum.
  • Organised, strategic and decisive, hands-on mentality, self-reliance, team player, pragmatism and entrepreneurial thinking encompassing a solid managerial outlook.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to engage with clients from diverse backgrounds and fields.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Willingness to travel to field locations in emerging economies

Please note that the position is based in Oslo, Norway; hence, international applicants need to hold the right to work in the country or be able and willing to relocate and obtain the relevant working visa or permit. 

Please send applications to contact@cl-invest.com with your CV and a short email introduction listing relevant social media accounts (LinkedIn etc.). Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Website: www.cl-invest.com

Email: contact@cl-invest.com

Phone: +47 934 36 062

Address: C. J. Hambros plass 2C, 0164 Oslo, Norway.