CP Daily: COP27 Special

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That's a wrap. The final gavel came down in Sharm el-Sheikh shortly after 0700 local time on Sunday morning, making COP27 the second-longest running round of UN climate talks. Here's a recast of the *103 articles* published by Carbon Pulse relating to both weeks of the summit.

That’s a wrap.

The final gavel came down in Sharm el-Sheikh shortly after 0700 local time on Sunday morning, making COP27 the second-longest running round of UN climate talks. Below is a recast of the *103 articles* published by Carbon Pulse relating to both weeks of the summit.

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COP27: UN negotiators agree on climate loss and damage facility as talks run long due to energy row

COP27: Negotiators sign off text on UN carbon market rules that defers much to next year

ANALYSIS – COP27: UN lays down marker for the future of the voluntary carbon market

COP27: Reactions to the Sharm el-Sheikh Implementation Plan and a snapshot of key announcements

COP27: Japan, PNG seal deal on carbon credit cooperation under JCM

COP27: Roundup for Day 13-14 – Nov. 19-20


COP27: Parties remain at loggerheads on UN carbon market rules, opening 2023 up for Article 6 fireworks

COP27: PNG envoy says deal with UAE firm likely to be quashed, joins fresh push on REDD’s role in Article 6

COP27: Roundup for Day 12 – Nov. 18


COP27: EU proposes fossil fuel-funded UN climate loss and damage facility, with shipping and aviation contributing

FEATURE – COP27: Nations scramble to get ready for international carbon trade despite UN-level Article 6 talks stumbling

COP27: Pledge to slash global methane emissions tallies 150 countries without China

COP27: East African nations learn valuable lessons on Article 6 removals from VCM -report

COP27: Nations launch alliance for countries committed to develop engineered removal projects

COP27: South Korea to deepen Article 6 ties with Mongolia, seeks CBAM reassurances from the EU

COP27: Australia climate minister meets China’s counterpart, voices support for EU’s loss and damage fund

COP27: Southeast Asian nature-based carbon removal venture to kick off in the Philippines

COP27: UAE’s green energy investor signs green hydrogen deal with Egypt as climate talks host seeks key supplier role

COP27: Web3 firms launch climate platform initiative to offset Ethereum’s historical emissions reductions

COP27: Roundup for Day 11 – Nov. 17


COP27: Nations set to postpone even more carbon market decisions for a year, draft suggests

COP27: LEAF Coalition eyes first issuances of jurisdictional REDD credits in H1 2023

COP27: Dozens of countries sign on to Japan’s push to boost Article 6 emissions trade

COP27: Singapore seals talks to implement carbon credit agreement with Ghana, signs MoU with Papua New Guinea

COP27: Singapore adds third global offset standard to basket of eligible credits for domestic market

COP27: EU and Egypt sign deal on renewable hydrogen development

COP27: Antigua partners with consultancy to develop blue carbon projects

COP27: Roundup for Day 10 – Nov. 16


COP27: China eyes Article 6 credits to boost ETS offset supply -govt advisor

COP27: EU confirms to UN talks that it will raise climate ambition

INTERVIEW – COP27: NZ seeks to form “bespoke” bilateral partnerships to meet NDC gaps, minister says

COP27: Canada, Chile announce initiative to triple CO2 pricing coverage by 2030

COP27: Three-quarters of OECD on course for 2030 coal exit as corporates shift focus to financing fossil fuels in Africa

COP27: Are CBAMs bad for climate multilateralism?

COP27: Cambodia secures deals with corporates for over 10 mln REDD+ credits

COP27: Bahamas targets 9 Mt in blue carbon sales by 2030, to seek new route to market after FTX collapse

COP27: Italy wants to achieve its renewables ramp-up in half the time

COP27: Turkey to bid to host COP31; Czechia, Bulgaria, and Brazil reported to seek 2024-25 climate summits

COP27: Roundup for Day 9 – Nov. 15


EXCLUSIVE – COP27: Brazil’s most forested states preparing to sell hundreds of millions of carbon credits

COP27: US-China agree to resume formal climate talks, giving hope after lacklustre beginning to second week

COP27: India publishes long-term climate strategy focusing on demand reduction, low-carbon fuels, and coal phasedown

COP27: Bigger climate finance goal on horizon as $100 bln shortcuts blasted

COP27: Turkey announces higher emissions goal and peak year in revised NDC

COP27: Workarounds could secure Taiwan access to Paris carbon market, experts say

COP27: Chile, Morocco, and India close in on leading European nations in annual climate change performance index

COP27: Australia back on the global climate stage as it pushes institutions on green finance

COP27: As work piles up, UN summit hosts give officials more time

COP27: Roundup for Days 6-8 – Nov. 12-14


CP Daily: COP27 Midpoint Special

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