CARBON FORWARD: Last chance to join Europe’s premier carbon conference

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The seventh instalment of Carbon Forward - the premier annual carbon markets conference - is back next week, and it's stacked with a first class line-up of speakers ready to discuss the risks and opportunities across the rapidly evolving global climate policy landscape.

The seventh instalment of Carbon Forward – the premier annual carbon markets conference – is back next week, and it’s stacked with a first class line-up of speakers ready to discuss the risks and opportunities across the rapidly evolving global climate policy landscape.

Bringing global carbon market expertise and talent, Carbon Forward offers an unrivalled opportunity to network with leading policy makers, industrials, trade associations, analysts and other environmental markets professionals.

Over 50 speakers

This year we’ll be joined at the Royal Institution in the heart of London by some of the world’s leading experts in carbon markets. They will take part in panels and discussions, Q&As, give keynotes, and network with our guests on how carbon pricing is shaping climate action worldwide.

An unrivalled agenda

For the first time, Carbon Forward will offer THREE days of exciting content. As well as organised discussions, your ticket secures you access to a unique programme of in-depth workshops, networking and the expertise of our international sponsors and exhibitors.

Organised by event partners Carbon Pulse and Redshaw Advisors, Carbon Forward will be delivered in-person and online. Its reach and community is now truly global.

The event is made possible thanks to:

Diamond and Platinum sponsors: Macquarie, BeZero, and S&P Global

Gold sponsors: AirCarbon Exchange, Xpansiv, Verra, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and Morgan Stanley

Silver sponsors: Viridios, AlliedOffsets, and Sustainacraft

Bronze sponsors: EEX, Greenfact, BRS Group, Energy Aspects, Flowcarbon, and Sylvera

Our three-day line-up covers the expansion of carbon pricing across the globe, an in-depth coverage of Europe’s compliance carbon markets, and the voluntary carbon market.

This year’s confirmed speakers include:

  • Lee White, environment minister, Gabon
  • Annette Nazareth, chair, ICVCM
  • Peter Liese, member of the European Parliament, EU ETS reform rapporteur
  • Charlie Lewis, UK Department for Business, Energy, Industrial Strategy (BEIS)
  • Peter Zapfel, European Commission, Social Climate Fund
  • Catherine McGuinness, City of London
  • Curtis Ravenel, FSB’s Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)
  • Michael Azlen, Carbon Cap Management
  • HongMing Liu, EDF
  • Andy Hong, Korea Investment & Securities
  • Wei Mei Hum, AirCarbon Exchange
  • Naveen Sharma, EnKing
  • Sebastien Cross, BeZero
  • Robin Rix, Verra
  • Veronika Elgart, government of Switzerland
  • Michael Berends, ClearBlue Markets
  • Andrea Abrahams, ICROA
  • Luke Donovan, CBA
  • Nigel Brunel, Jarden Partners
  • Henk Sa, Brundtland
  • Jon Costantino, Tradesman Advisors
  • Ariel Perez, Hartree
  • Eduardo Piquero, MexiCO2
  • Chris Leeds, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Dirk Forrister, IETA
  • Tom Colebatch, Macquarie
  • Valentina Keys, WFW
  • Panayiotis (Panos) Mitrou, Lloyd’s Register
  • Mattia Ferrachiato, BRS Shipbrokers
  • Michael Evans, S&P Global Commodity Insights
  • Bettina Paschke, DHL
  • Sabine Frank, Carbon Market Watch
  • Julia Michalak, IETA
  • Mark Kenber, VCMI
  • William McDonnell, ICVCM
  • Scarlett Benson, SBTi
  • Trevor Sikorski, Energy Aspects
  • Nigel Howarth, Clifford Chance
  • Marcus Ferdinand, Greenfact
  • Martin Crawford-Blunt, Lookout Maritime
  • Beth Bradley, Partner, Hill Dickinson
  • Paul Dawson, RWE
  • Elle Butterworth, Energy System Catapult
  • Eve Tamme, Climate Principles
  • Sanna O’Connor-Morberg, Carbon Direct
  • Mostyn Brown, Afry
  • Philip Moss, NextGen Facility, South Pole
  • Andrei Marcu, ERCST
  • Sanna Markkanen, CISL
  • Michael Mehling, MIT CEEPR
  • Tetyana Payosova, Van Bael & Bellis
  • Ellen DeVocht, EEX
  • Michael Pahle, PIK
  • Mark Lewis, Andurand
  • Serafino Capoferri, Macquarie
  • Louis Redshaw, Redshaw Advisors/Net Zero Markets
  • Ben Lee, Energy Aspects
  • Florian Rothenberg, ICIS
  • Hæge Fjellheim, Refinitiv
  • Rob Pulleyn, Morgan Stanley
  • Mariko O’Neil, BloombergNEF
  • Kirti Ramesh, BeZero
  • Stephen Donofrio, Ecosystem Marketplace
  • Jonathan Shopley, Climate Impact Partners/ICROA
  • Nadine Mueller, CBA
  • William Pazos, AirCarbon
  • Claire Dorrian, LSEG
  • Henrik Hasselknippe, Xpansiv
  • Lars Kroijer, Founder and Managing Director, AlliedOffsets
  • Matt Evans, UpEnergy/Environmental Commodity Partners
  • Richard Barker, Counteract Carbon Removal
  • Pedro Barata, EDF/ICVCM
  • Alvin Lim, Morgan Stanley
  • Silvia Favasuli, S&P Global Commodity Insights
  • Allister Furey, Sylvera
  • Natalia Gorina, LDC
  • Dominique Strasdin, Vertree
  • Adam Hearne, Carbon Chain
  • Melissa Lindsay, Emsurge
  • Alasdair Were, IETA
  • Christian Peters, Flowcarbon
  • Charlie Pool, Toucan Protocol
  • Karim Kanji, Net Zero Markets
  • Tommy Ricketts, BeZero
  • Guy Turner, Trove
  • Domenic Carratu, Viridios
  • Harry Horner, cCarbon

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