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*PREMIUM LISTING (viewable by non-subscribers until Apr. 26) – The American Forest Foundation is hiring for 4 regional director positions. In the director role, you will make a meaningful contribution to addressing global climate change by helping us activate America’s family-owned forests as a measurable and verifiable natural climate solution.

The American Forest Foundation is hiring for the following positions:

FFCP Central Apps Director

FFCP Midwest Director

FFCP Northeast Director

FFCP Southern Director


In the Director role, you will make a meaningful contribution to addressing global climate change by helping us activate America’s family-owned forests as a measurable and verifiable natural climate solution. Family lands represent the largest part of US forests, and until now, there was no viable way for those landowners to access carbon markets to increase the benefits from their land. The Family Forest Carbon Program is a partnership between the American Forest Foundation and The Nature Conservancy to generate significant, additional carbon sequestration and storage on America’s 280 million acres of family forests.

As the Director, you will work across a broad coalition of conservation partners to design and implement the Family Forest Carbon Program in a way that empowers family forest landowners in the region to be part of the climate solution. You will work with our partners at The Nature Conservancy to develop the scientific quantification and verification of management practices that best contribute to carbon storage in forests. In time, you may identify and hire local capacity to work with landowners, building a high performing team that can effectively scale the impact of this vital work.

Success in working together across the country means that the Family Forest Carbon Program will lead to 50 million acres of family-owned forests enrolled in carbon-friendly practices, making a clear and globally significant contribution to the effort to limit the negative impacts of climate change.

What it is like to work with us

AFF is embarking on a bold new strategy for conservation impact across America’s family-owned forests. Our entire organization is in a mode of complex problem solving and rapid iteration. All teams at AFF are working to discover the root challenges in forest conservation issues, create solutions, and adapt based on constant learning to develop viable and scalable models for impact. AFF is driven by values of our shared purpose, measurable and verifiable results, and learning for continuous improvement to tackle big conservation challenges in climate change mitigation, biodiversity loss, reducing threats of catastrophic wildfires, and ensuring a sustainable resource economy for rural communities.

Some specifics about the job

In this role, you will launch and manage the successful development of an FFCP regional module, from partnership building to practice development, to full program implementation in a fast-paced, iterative learning environment. The FFCP Director will learn from the program’s experience in the Central Apps, focusing on implementing replicable processes/systems and adapting others according to the regional relevance. Importantly, the FFCP Director will be responsible for creating and nurturing partnerships with various interests and roles in the FFCP – from The Nature Conservancy State Chapters to foresters to forest product companies to state agencies to landowners. 

Your First Year

Success at the end of your first year, looks like the following:

  • You will lead the team to identify the appropriate region (i.e. specific states) of focus.
  • You will have worked with our science partners to identify management practices suited to the region that can best produce quantifiable and verifiable carbon sequestration and storage.
  • You will have built and nurtured partnerships that are key to FFCP success, assessing their individual needs and adapting the program to accommodate; and serving as the lead liaison with local partners to build and implement state-level programs.
  • You have represented the regional program externally in conversations with key partners and in larger presentations or events. You communicate effectively, including adapting the message or presentation to fit the audience.
  • You Understand the regional business model and sensitivity of key supply-side variables and how implementation of the program will affect these variables; build a program that operates within the model’s Cost of Goods Sold parameters.
  • Learn and replicate appropriate strategies from the original, Central Appalachian pilot.
  • Implement new tests and innovations to maximize landowner cost of acquisition and carbon generation.
  • Lead learning process on the regional team and create a system that enables the FFCP to learn quickly and make necessary adjustments mid-implementation.
  • Coordinate with members of the larger FFCP team to share learning, experiences, and results in an agile management system framework.
  • You are gearing up to onboard and mentor a regional team (including a Contract Coordinator and forester team) in the year ahead.
  • You have demonstrated knowledge with AFF’s existing metrics tracking systems and/or innovated to develop a system of tracking and understanding key metrics related to your work, including landowner visits scheduled, visits completed, and contracts signed.
  • You immersed yourself in the culture and mission of the organization, developed a broad understanding of how we work, and now have a firm understanding of AFF’s long-term goals and how the FFCP contributes toward those goals.
  • You have established very strong lines of communication between FFCP teammates, foresters, local partners, and contractors to provide a seamless experience for the landowners involved with the FFCP program

What’s Attractive to the Right Candidate?

  • You have the unique and exciting opportunity to work with amazing colleagues, partners and landowners to help connect forest landowners with technical and financial assistance to better steward their land and achieve vital landscape-scale conservation impacts.
  • Your contributions and leadership will be appreciated.  Our staff is passionate, dedicated, and good at what they do and will be deeply appreciative of your efforts to create and preserve an environment that is both fun and fair.
  • We offer a flexible work environment that respects your life outside of work.
  • Salary is commensurate with experience.
  • AFF offers a comprehensive and very competitive benefits package.

Position Locations and Travel

  • FFCP Central Apps Director will be based in or near the Central Appalachians (Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, or nearby), with the ability to travel up to one week per month and work remotely. More extensive travel is necessary for the first 6 months to a year (if safe to do so), as we build a regional team.
  • FFCP Midwest Director will be based in or near the Upper Midwest (Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Michigan), with the ability to travel up to one week per month and work remotely. More extensive travel is necessary for the first 6 months to a year (if safe to do so), as we build a regional team.
  • FFCP Northeast Director will be based in or near the Northeast (New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, or nearby), with the ability to travel up to one week per month and work remotely. More extensive travel is necessary for the first 6 months to a year (if safe to do so), as we build a regional team.
  • FFCP Southern Director will be based in or near the Southern region (Southeastern U.S. preferred), with the ability to travel up to one week per month and work remotely. More extensive travel is necessary for the first 6 months to a year (if safe to do so), as we build a regional team.

Qualifications and Experience that will help you succeed:

  • A Bachelor’s degree and/or post-graduate degree in wildlife biology, natural resource management, ecology, forestry, or related field.
  • The ideal candidate will have 5-7 years of experience in Project management and communications experience preferred.
  • Experience successfully managing a major program in a collaborative environment, relying on sense of shared purpose and personal relationships to motivate action.
  • Ability to identify key metrics and track success.
  • Experience working with partners to identify their needs and adjust program tactics as a result.
  • Proven ability to think strategically, analyze critically, and translate ideas into actions.
  • Experience developing and managing program budgets.
  • Experience working effectively with partners and colleagues. Assertive facilitation to drive partnerships toward action.
  • Willingness to listen to other opinions, incorporate diverse viewpoints, and foster consensus where possible, even when such consensus does not reflect one’s personal opinion.
  • Proven track record of demonstrating unqualified respect to colleagues, partners, stakeholders and others.
  • Prior experience leading a team.
  • Proven ability and reputation of working collaboratively with diverse stakeholders and bringing people together toward a common goal, including partners, stakeholders, and staff.
  • Ability to use independent judgment and to manage and impart information to a range of constituencies.
  • Ability to communicate effectively–to listen, influence, motivate, and lead.
  • Familiarity with markets for forest carbon and the basics of forest carbon accounting a plus.
  • Familiarity with family forest landowners and the challenges of working with them at scale a plus.
  • Experience working with technology, social marketing and/or micro-targeting experience highly desired.

We know there are great candidates who may not check all of these boxes, and we also know you might bring important skills that we haven’t considered. If that applies to you, don’t hesitate to apply and tell us about yourself.

We are committed to creating a diverse work environment and proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, veteran status, or any other basis protected by law.

For more information on the American Forest Foundation, please submit your resume and cover letter at www.forestfoundation.org. This job posting will be open until a suitable candidate is found.

To apply, please follow links.

FFCP Central Apps Director


FFCP Midwest Director


FFCP Northeast Director


FFCP Southern Director