*Net Zero Correspondent, Carbon Pulse – Home-based/Remote working

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*PREMIUM LISTING (viewable by non-subscribers) - Carbon Pulse is looking for a Net Zero Correspondent to help us bolster and expand our coverage of voluntary carbon markets and government and corporate strategies to achieve climate neutrality, as well as other measures and technologies that will complement these efforts.

Carbon Pulse is looking for a Net Zero Correspondent to help us bolster and expand our coverage of voluntary carbon markets and government and corporate strategies to achieve climate neutrality, as well as other measures and technologies that will complement these efforts.

Location: Home-based/remote working
Job type: Full-time
Start date: As soon as possible
Salary: Annual, commensurate with experience

Want to work for a startup specialist news agency with a strong reputation in a fast-growing market?

Carbon Pulse is an online, subscription-based service dedicated to providing in-depth news and intelligence about carbon pricing initiatives and climate change policies around the world. Founded in 2015 and with journalists in the UK, EU, China, and the US, our unrivalled coverage focuses mainly on emissions trading markets and other methods of using taxes and market-based mechanisms to cut greenhouse gas output, though we also report on related environmental markets including biofuel credit trading programmes.

With the climate crisis growing in severity each day, more and more governments and companies are pledging to achieve net zero emissions at various points this century. But with absolute emissions reductions a near impossibility for most countries and organisations, they will need to rely on carbon offsets or removals, burgeoning technologies, and other alternate means to achieve their goals. This will be your reporting beat in this exciting new role.

As our Net Zero correspondent, you will be tasked with covering (on a global basis):

  • Voluntary offset markets – this includes trends, developments, deals, M&A activity, personnel moves, and anything else of interest to our readers.
  • Natural climate solutions – anything to do with where emissions removals and carbon markets intersect. Forestry, grasslands, peatlands, REDD, BECCS, and every other acronym under the LULUCF tree.
  • Emerging technologies – any innovations that facilitate the race to zero emissions, all while framing it in a carbon market context. This will include hydrogen, CCS, direct air capture (DAC), renewables, energy efficiency, biofuels, EVs, etc.

Other responsibilities:

You will be tasked with helping to cover other areas that carry relevance to your beat, including compliance carbon market or climate policy developments.

You will contribute to assembling our daily newsletter.

You will be required to help edit your colleagues’ copy, and to assist in other areas including improving our online, non news-related content, plus some sales and administrative work, marketing, project management, and conference planning.

What are we looking for:

You must be a keen self-starter with a solid foundation of experience and knowledge regarding the above topics, as well as a good, wider understanding of carbon markets, other greenhouse gas pricing initiatives, and climate policy.

Journalistic experience is an asset for any candidate but is not required.  For this role, expertise and industry connections are valued over writing ability. Professionals with extensive experience working in the voluntary carbon market who might be looking for a career pivot are encouraged to apply.

That said, writing ability is very important and strong English skills are crucial. Fluency in other languages is also an advantage.

Correspondents are only as good as their sources, so you need to be able to maintain a network of contacts in every continent, market, and policy segment of your net zero beat. Carbon Pulse’s correspondents have fostered a vast network of cultivated primary and secondary sources to help us not only report the news, but also add context, market insight, and useful reaction to our articles.

A talent is needed to look beyond the headlines to identify bigger picture stories, including insightful analyses and interview pieces, that cater specifically to Carbon Pulse’s more technical-, policy-, and markets-minded readership.

The news and financial markets never sleep, so part of being a journalist means you’re always on call. Some days and weeks will be busier than others, with occasional long hours and weekend working required – as is the case for most financial reporters. As such, you always need to be highly-motivated and ready to call contacts or quickly write up breaking news. Carbon Pulse prides itself on being second-to-none and ready to go the extra mile to win a scoop or file an important story, so you need to subscribe to that mentality and demonstrate it on a daily basis.

Other crucial traits:

  • The ability to manage your time and multi-task effectively. You need to be capable of chasing initiative pieces and adhering to strict daily or weekly deadlines, as well as quickly, comprehensively, and accurately reporting on spot stories as they break.
  • A proficiency in reading large swathes of content sources to monitor them for relevant news and other useful information.
  • An innovative and analytical mind that is adept at spotting newsworthy trends, including through the collection and analysis of data.
  • The ability to work efficiently either on your own or in a team.
  • A willingness to travel is a must, as you will be expected to attend industry conferences where required.

Other info:

The successful candidate can work from home or a co-working space, and will report to Carbon Pulse’s directors.

To apply, email your resume, a cover letter, and a sample piece of written work on any of the topics listed above to admin@carbon-pulse.com.  The sample can be an industry report you’ve authored or a story reporting on a recent trend or historical event that is relevant to the role at hand.

Application deadline: Until a suitable candidate is found. Online interviews will be held upon the receipt of suitable applications, so apply early!

Only candidates whose applications are being strongly considered will be contacted for interviews.

Carbon Pulse is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, gender, nationality, disability status, or any other characteristic protected by law.