Senior Technical Advisor on EU Climate Policies, UNDP – Remote Working

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The Senior Technical Advisor (the Consultant) will assist in connecting the EU4Climate project and its beneficiaries in the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries to the EU best practices and recent developments related to climate change policies and greening agenda.

The EU4Climate Project helps governments in the six EU Eastern Partner countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine – to take action against climate change. It supports countries in implementing the Paris Climate Agreement and improving climate policies and legislation. Its ambition is to limit climate change impact on citizens lives and make them more resilient to it. EU4Climate is funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The objective of the project is to support the development and implementation of climate-related policies by the Eastern Partnership countries that contribute to their low emission and climate resilient development and their commitments to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. It identifies key actions and results in line with the Paris Agreement, the “20 Deliverables for 2020”, and the key global policy goals set by the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The project will also translate into action priorities outlined in the Eastern Partnership Ministerial Declaration on Environment and Climate Change of October 2016.

The following results will be achieved:

(i) Finalized/up-dated nationally determined contributions and national mid-century strategies and communicated to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC),

(ii) Improved inter-institutional awareness and coordination at political and technical level of the Paris Agreement and the corresponding national commitments,

(iii) Established or strengthened measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) systems, with countries getting on track with Paris Agreement transparency requirements,

(iv) Establishment of concrete sectoral guidelines for the implementation of the Paris Agreement in each of the Eastern Partners, especially in the field of energy

(v) Advanced alignment with EU acquis as provided by bilateral agreements with EU and in the context of the Energy Community Treaty,

(vi) Increased mobilization of climate finance, and

(vii) Enhanced adaptation planning. As of July 2019, the project has conducted consultations with the governments of the Partner Countries, and has identified priority areas of work and key deliverables for each of the countries.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Senior Technical Advisor (the Consultant) will assist in connecting the EU4Climate project and its beneficiaries in the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries to the EU best practices and recent developments related to climate change policies and greening agenda.

He/she will be responsible for providing overall technical advice and quality assurance to the Project in particular by aligning with the EU Climate Policies and Green Deal and by drawing best practices, lessons and expertise on green climate policy development and implementation from EU to the EaP countries.

He/She will render technical support to the Project Manager, project staff, Project Board and government counterparts. With support of the Project Manager and National Coordinators in the beneficiary countries, the CTA will ensure all necessary advisory support in order to smoothly implement the project and also provide guidance on the implementation of the Project activities based on the EU best practices and expertise.

The Senior Technical Advisor will work under the direct supervision of the EU4Climate Project Manager and with the guidance from UNDP IRH Climate and DRR Team Leader and UNDP Country Offices in beneficiary countries.

The Senior Technical Advisor on EU Climate Policies will provide technical overview, guidance and leadership for all technical aspects of the Project and will ensure that technical activities align with project strategic objectives and with the EU best practises and climate policies, including EU Green Deal and EU Climate Acquis.

Key Responsibilities will include:

  • Provision of regular technical guidance to the nine outputs of the project in six countries as per approved workplan and budget, including guidance on EU policies for NDCs to four countries, EU and UNFCCC guidance on LEDS for four countries. Production of quarterly technical guidance executive summary.
  • Connecting the EaP project counterparts with the EU expertise, best practices, advanced policy instruments on climate change, including the EU Green Deal by organizing quarterly teleconferences between programme countries and relevant EU climate policy institutions;
  • Critical screening of all technical guidance from the project to the participating countries, including guidance on clean air legislation and NDC development.
  • Provide technical guidance to all ToRs developed within the framework of the project, mainly at national level in line with the approved workplans and budgets of the six national components. Provide induction training to newly recruited short-term consultants at national and regional levels.
  • Assist in the preparation of four regional and national knowledge management events and communication events/products to ensure that EU experience, expertise and climate policies are adequately presented and communicated to the beneficiary countries and external audiences;
  • Provide technical support to the UNDP and Project Management Team in development and monitoring of project indicators and targets against Results and Resources Framework (RRF) and provide technical guidance to ensure that EU4Climate policy level impacts are effectively captured and communicated, and resulting in improved alignment of the UNFCCC and EU climate action indicators with relevant national indicators;
  • Prepare lessons learned annual report for the next Project Steering Committee scheduled for Q2 2021
  • Upon request by the Project Manager, contributes to providing necessary guidance/advice to project staff, experts and national partners, assist in resolution of technical issues/problems;
  • Upon request by the Project Manager, contributes to review of all major technical deliverables for the project, including project technical reports, output reports, annual report, gender mainstreaming and visibility / communications components of the annual report
  • Review, technical inputs, quality control, validation of six Annual National Project Reports (provided by UNDP country offices in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine); contribute to preparation and quality assurance of other project reporting to the EU as well as UNDP Climate Promise reporting;
  • Review and technical advice on the development of annual work plans, identifying project risks and elaborating relevant management responses;
  • Technical contribution to the result-based evaluation process, including evaluation of the project outputs annually.



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