Carbon Forward 2016 – Presentation Slides

Below are links to all available presentation slides from Carbon Forward 2016.

(And here’s a link to the programme)


Trading carbon 1

Jan Ahrens, ICIS Tchach Solutions
Mark Meyrick, Good Energy

Industrial compliance uncovered

Marcus Ferdinand, Ecofys

Future of the traded market

Paul Dawson, RWE

Trading carbon 2

Jan Ahrens, ICIS Tschach
Hege Fjellheim, Thomson Reuters Point Carbon
Mark Lewis, Barclays
Trevor Sikorski, Energy Aspects


ICAO’s market-based mechanism

Ben Garside, Carbon Pulse
Andreas Hardeman, IATA
Kelsey Perlman, Carbon Market Watch

Carbon markets go viral

Richard Chatterton, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
Stuart Frazer, Frazer Lindstrom
Amy Merrill Steen, UNFCCC

Beyond compliance systems (voluntary market)

Natalia Gorina, South Pole Group
Simon Henry, ICROA
Sarah Leugers, Gold Standard

Pioneering profitability in emerging carbon markets 1 – China

Chai Qimin, NDRC
Kou Weiwei, China Carbon Futures

Pioneering profitability in emerging carbon markets 2 – North America

Alex Rau, Climate Wedge

Note: Some presentations are not being made available, as requested by the presenter.

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