Head of Outreach, Conservation and Restoration, Lestari Capital – Jakarta/Bali

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Lestari Capital is looking for a Head of Outreach to develop and maintain working relationships with Indonesia-based conservation projects.

The Head of Project Outreach’s primary purpose is to develop, nurture, and maintain close working relationships and trust between conservation Projects, be they Hutan Desas, Ecosystem Restoration Concessions, or REDD+ Projects, and Lestari Capital. He/She is the face of Lestari Capital during interactions with conservation Projects on the ground and their proponents. They support Lestari Capital in strategic thinking around conservation innovation, critical conservation landscape Projects and partnerships, as well as increasing Project, and Lestari Capital’s, conservation impact and outcomes. At all times, the Head of Project Outreach maintains the highest levels of integrity and ensures that the Project portfolio of Lestari Capital can be considered a leader amongst conservation initiatives.

The Head of Project Outreach will work with the Conservation Outcomes Team, led by the Chief Conservation Officer. The Conservation Outcomes Team will identify and manage the LC Project Pipeline, a portfolio of Projects which are providing conservation outcomes for Lestari Capital’s clients.

He/she will serve as a key member of the Conservation Outcomes Team and thus will be an integral part of all Conservation Outcomes Team strategic planning, Project inclusion decisions, Project onboarding procedure development, and all Project Prospects proposals to LC clients.

He/she will also work closely with the Chief Conservation Officer, Chief Sustainability Officer, and other LC team members on developing innovative approaches to deliver conservation outcomes to a range of potential LC clients.

As part of the Conservation Outcomes Team, the Head of Project Outreach will have multiple key responsibilities: identifying potential new Projects to bring into the Project pipeline; identifying potential new Project Operators to lead conservation Projects; developing relationships with key collaborators; onboarding Projects into LC pipeline; serving as key point of contact with all existing Projects and Project Operators; and monitoring activities of Projects and Project Operators.


1. Serve as key member of Conservation Outcome Team
– Work with team in the development of overall Conservation Outcome Strategy
– Participate in discussions related to Project design, linking Projects with potential LC clients, due diligence needs, communications;
– Participate in discussions related to developing innovative approaches to delivering conservation outcomes to multiple potential LC client types

2. Lead Project Portfolio Development Relations
– Lead development and implementation of the Project Pipeline Strategy;
– Lead engagement with all existing and new Project Operators or organizations;
– Serve as point-person for all potential new Projects or Project Operators identified by the Conservation Outcomes Team or other Lestari Capital team members;
– Travel to meet with potential Project Operators and to visit sites

3. Serve as a representative of Lestari Capital within wider conservation community in Indonesia
– Attend and present at conferences, workshops, and other events as a Lestari Capital representative
– Attend meetings with identified potential collaborators or Project Operators

4. Lead Collaboration Development
– Identify key organizations that can serve as collaborators with Lestari Capital, focused on, but not exclusively, Project development
– Foster relationships with these organizations through formal and informal communication channels
– Develop MOUs or LOIs with identified collaborators
– Track and manage potential opportunities for collaboration e. Travel to meet with existing and proposed collaborators

5. Lead Project Pipeline Development
– Lead Project Pipeline Procedures. This includes any revisions and maintenance required to existing procedures.
– Manage Project Pipeline Database together with other Conservation Outcome Team members. This includes database design and maintenance.
– Lead interaction with potential Project Operators to bring Projects into LC pipeline.
– Assist Project Operator to identify specific conservation outcomes that can be delivered to LC clients, along with associated required financing
– Travel to potential Project locations

6. Assist in Project Prospects development for LC clients
– Provide recommendations to Chief Conservation Officer on potential pipeline Projects to be presented in Project Prospects presentation to LC clients
– Lead interactions with potential Projects related to any additional needs required for Project Prospect presentation
– Represent Project prospects to potential clients through presentation development and meetings

7. Assist in Project Onboarding
– Serve as key LC point person for Projects
– Work with Conservation Outcome Team to develop and refine Project Onboarding Procedures
– Work with Conservation Outcome Team and Project Operators to implement Project Onboarding. This will include defining Project design, and associated activities and budget, that will lead to conservation outcomes.
– Assist in designing and implementing Project Monitoring Procedures


  • At least seven years (7) of working experience in forestry, environmental, conservation, and/or agricultural sectors.
  • Master’s Degree in forestry, ecology, agronomy, environmental studies, geography, or other relevant field; or Bachelor’s degree with over ten (10) years professional experience.
  • Deep familiarity with identifying and implementing location appropriate activities that will lead to long term conservation outcomes
  • Expertise in initiating and implementing conservation and development programs
  • Awareness and familiarity with upcoming, existing, and former initiatives being implemented by conservation organizations, civil society, the government, and/or through development funds
  • Professional experience in leading project management and project monitoring
  • Experience in building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders
  • Knowledge of Indonesian environmental and land use policies and regulations, preferred
  • Demonstrated experience in public speaking, preferred
  • Good computer skills in the main software programs (Excel, Word, Power Point Access, etc.) • Good communication both oral and written, in English and Bahasa Indonesia


Personal attributes and competencies

  • Good personal organizational and priority setting skills, with the ability to work effectively under time pressure and manage multiple priorities.
  • Capable of working independently as well as being an effective team player, with initiative and creativity.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to effectively interact with people in a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural environment.
  • Values the sharing of information and continuous improvement in a cooperative atmosphere of constructive evaluation and learning.

Work conditions

The candidate will have the flexibility to be able to commit to travel to research sites as and when necessary.

To apply

The salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. Applicants should apply by sending a cover letter and CV to: Dr. Sarah M Walker, Chief Conservation Officer, hello@lestaricapital.com

For further details on application format and more information, click here.

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