Energy Finance Analyst, Climate Policy Initiative – London

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The successful Analyst applicant will undertake robust analysis that draws on methodologies from a range of disciplines including public policy, finance and economics.


Roles at CPI require well-rounded candidates with a talent for independent thinking, effective collaboration and pragmatic problem-solving skills. CPI is looking for talented, highly skilled and motivated Analysts to join its Energy Finance programme, which focuses on the potential for financial and policy innovations to drive a transition to low carbon energy.

The successful Analyst applicant will undertake robust analysis that draws on methodologies from a range of disciplines including public policy, finance and economics. In conducting analysis, he/she will be required to work closely with a range of local and international partners, including investor groups, energy utilities, government agencies, development banks, investment banks and other private sector actors.


Includes the following and others as assigned:

  • Undertake rigorous qualitative and quantitative analysis and evaluation of energy and land use policies and energy infrastructure financing.
  • Efficient synthesis and analysis of large datasets
  • Produce high-quality materials such as numerical analysis, written documents and presentations to short deadlines.
  • Support the Principals and Consultants in helping to develop, maintain, coordinate and facilitate strong relationships and good communication with business partners, clients, and team members.
  • Interact with policymakers, private sector participants and other stakeholders on a regular basis to conduct joint analysis, communicate research findings effectively, and/or to ensure analysis undertaken is policy relevant.
  • Work effectively with the rest of the London team and the rest of the Energy Finance team in the global network
  • Travel in support of CPI Energy Finance, as necessary.


The successful applicant will have the following minimum attributes:

  • An insightful, independent, analytical mind, with a passion for energy and climate change issues
  • Some understanding of the European and/or US regulatory landscape and processes for energy infrastructure at both the national and regional levels: upstream energy markets, power generation (both low carbon and carbon-intensive), transmission & distribution networks, customer side of the meter, etc. Also desirable is understanding of energy markets in developing countries (in particular, South East Asia) and other major carbon emitting sectors (eg steel, cement, chemicals).
  • Experience in and understanding of the finance industry and financing structures for infrastructure projects is very desirable but not necessary.
  • Ability to communicate methods, results and recommendations from complex qualitative and quantitative analysis to expert and non-technical audiences.
  • Self-starter, ability to juggle multiple complex tasks at the same time.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Familiarity and comfort working with government officials, academics and research organizations, and leaders from the private sector.
  • Professionalism, enthusiasm for working as part of a team, and ability to interact with a diverse group of people.
  • Respect for your fellow colleagues and a deep commitment to the mission and values of CPI.


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