Research Analyst, Climate Bonds Standard & Certifications Scheme, Climate Bonds Initiative – London

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We are seeking a Research Analyst to join our Standards team to support the development of further green definitions and green Criteria across all other sectors of a green economy.

Research Analyst, Climate Bonds Standard & Certifications Scheme

Job: Research Analyst
Location: London Bridge
Position: Full time – Permanent
Closing Date: 26 March 2017
Salary: £27,000 – £30,000 depending on experience

The role

Investor demand for Green Bonds & Climate Bonds is strong, and will increase in line with the delivery of quality products into the market. However, investor concerns about the credibility of green labelling are also growing. Standards, assurance & certification will be essential to improve confidence and transparency, and further strong growth in the market. The Climate Bonds Standard & Certification Scheme (‘Standard & Certification Scheme’) delivers this.

The Standard & Certification Scheme is an easy-to-use tool that allows investors and intermediaries to assess the environmental integrity of bonds. Approved verifiers use it to check the environmental credentials of green bonds in order to recommend them for Certification. The Standard & Certification Scheme is backed by the Climate Bonds Standard Board of investor representatives, which collectively represents $34 trillion of assets under management.

Underpinning the Certification Scheme is a set of clear ‘green definitions’ and green Criteria that assets need to meet in order to be eligible for inclusion in a Certified Climate Bond. To date, we have certified over $9 billion of bonds under the green definitions already developed, for buildings, transport, water infrastructure and various renewable energy.

We are seeking a Research Analyst to join our Standards team to support the development of further green definitions and green Criteria across all other sectors of a green economy.

The ideal candidate

Our ideal candidate is someone who is keenly interested in the technologies, infrastructure and processes that will rapidly transition the global economy onto a 2C warming trajectory and has been following developments across all sectors for several years. They are a proficient researcher and report writer but also enjoy distilling detailed technical information into easily digestible material for the layman. They must enjoy working with both internal and external colleagues to push forwards various agendas simultaneously under ambitious time constraints.

We are seeking a self-starting, hands-on, motivated individual with initiative and ideally previous experience in a rapidly growing and evolving organisation.

Responsibilities & key tasks

  • Drive the development of green definitions in a few specified sectors. This includes:
    • Identifying and collaborating with external experts to engage their participation in the green definitions process.
    • Setting the agenda for Technical Working Group (TWG) and Industry Working Group (IWG) meetings and helping to facilitate working group calls.
    • Driving the development of background papers summarising the state of the science on climate impacts and mitigation opportunities, and options for potential assessment criteria for determining whether assets are climate-compatible.
    • Creating associated FAQs, guidance documents, templates and forms for the resulting green definitions.
    • Working with bond issuers to develop case studies to test draft green definitions.
  • Support the Certifications team by participating in discussions with bond issuers and verifiers to understand the nature of the assets they wish to be certified, and how the green definitions apply to those assets.
  • Support other research and communications initiatives in the Standards Team. This includes:
    • Supporting the writing of the quarterly Standards Newsletter.
    • Participation in webinars and industry events to discuss green definitions and the latest climate science, and how these can feed into investment decision making.


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